Protein is one of the most essential elements for the body as it helps in building muscles, skin, hormones, and every other major part of your body. That is why it is always advised to eat protein-rich food to stay fit and healthy. If you want to lose weight, then you should increase the amount of protein in your diet. It will also help you to fight issues like diabetes and high blood pressure. For men, the required daily intake of proteins is 56 grams where is in women it is 46 grams. Here is the list of all the protein-rich food that you can try to help with your weight loss.


You can eat eggs, which is considered as the best source of protein. By eating eggs every morning can help you to lose weight. When you eat boiled eggs, then it will make you feel full for the whole day, which means that you do not get hunger cravings. This will help you during weight loss so that you can avoid eating food with high calories.

Foods for Weight Loss


Almonds are another great source of protein, and it is best for the vegetarian. If you want to gain muscles, then you can try almond and get better results. It is delicious on its own, and you can mix them with milk and enjoy drinking it together.

Chicken Breast

Chicken as a whole is also a great source of protein, but chicken breasts can provide you the best results. If you want to lose weight, then you should consider eating a chicken breast. This will help in providing you with ample protein and build muscles in the body.


Oats are considered as one of the best meals that you can eat for breakfast. While eggs have higher protein but vegetarians cannot eat them. So if you want to lose weight and cannot eat non-vegetarian items, then oats are the best option.

Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt is another great protein that you can include in your diet. It has a creamy texture and tastes amazing, so you do not face any problems in eating it.


Milk is also a great source of protein and it can help in providing strength to your bones. If you want to have stronger bones and teeth, then you should drink milk every day. To get more details about the list of protein foods you can visit

Lean Beef

Lean beef is another protein-rich item that you can include in your diet. If you feel hungry all the time, then it can help in filling your stomach. It is one of the food items, which is always suggested by various fitness experts. So you can build your muscles and gain more strength.

These are some of the food items that you can try to get more protein in your diet. you can visit and get information about more protein-rich foods. So if you are planning to start working on your fitness, then you should consider all these things.