Almost everyone has used the straw to enjoy a delicious cold drink or any other favorite drink. We all love to suck up the drink with the use of a straw and many of you don’t know about the exact working of the drinking straw. As you know, straws are available in different sizes and shapes but all of the straws are made for the same purpose of sucking up the drink in an easy way. If you also find it very easy and convenient to drink with a straw, you should definitely know about the real fact behind its working.

Working Of The Drinking Straws

If you also want to know how does a straw work, the process is quite simple to understand. It is all about the principle of air pressure inside the glass. When we dip the drinking straw into the glass and we suck the air inside our mouth, the liquid will also come with the air pressure into the straw and we can drink it easily. If you want to find the details of the working of drinking straw in detail, you can check out the information below for it:

Detailed Working Process of the Straw:

When you will dip the straw inside the glass liquid, it will not suck up the liquid above the level of the liquid height in the glass. In the same case, when we start using the drinking straw, we will create the pressure change for Air as well as the liquid. There will be a moment of the liquid inside the straw because of the change of pressure of air inside it.

Detailed Working Process of the Straw:

When we make a small hole in the straw and then we will try to suck up the liquid, it will not work in the same way. The whole should be out of the liquid and we will not be able to create the pressure to suck up the liquid inside the straw in the same way. It is all about the environmental pressure of air inside the glass that works in the same way for all kinds of straws.

In the market, you will find several kinds of straws and it is made with plastic or even paper at the present time. When you want to know how does a straw work, you should also consider several other factors to understand working in a better way.

The speed of the liquid flow will also depend on the strength of the air pressure and size of the straw. If you are going to use a narrow straw to suck up the drink, there will be higher pressure and the movement of the liquid will be quicker according to the high air pressure. In the same way, you will need to make more efforts to make the same moment speed of the liquid in a wider straw. It is the detailed process of working of the drinking straw and you might not have thought about it while enjoying your favorite drink. We hope that you will find the information interesting about your favorite straw.