Company Overview: Dr. Scholl’s is one of, if not the, leading producer of foot care, orthopedic products, and footwear. Their product line ranges in shoes, inserts, wart and odor remover, etc. Their price range is between four and fifty dollars.

In the beginning, I thought the Dr. Scholl’s Dreamwalk insoles would be perfect for me because I literally live in 5-inch high heels. The only time I wear flats is if I am giving my feet a rest from breaking in a new pair of heels.

The packaging is a clear, plastic container with a pink, purple, and blue plastic film cover. The cover has a clear window which allows you to see the insoles; there is also an opening in the back of the container where you can touch the insole.

clear gel on the bottom

Dr. Scholl’s Dreamwalk insoles are thin, with nude fabric on top and clear gel on the bottom. The only thick part of the insole is where the arch of the foot goes. Because I don’t have any problems as far as pain is concerned with my enclosed heels, I mainly used the insoles with my open toe and sandal heels.

My main issue with my open toe heels is that the Florida humidity is not kind to my feet. Moisture builds up inside my shoes causing my feet to slide forward, which leaves my feet dangling off the edge of the shoe. The pain arises when my toes are going forward and the sides of the toe box pinches them, more details.

I followed the directions and placed the insole at the quarter (where the heel of your foot rests) of my shoes and lined it up. The pros of this product is that the insole is comfortable and I barely felt it as I was walking. It absorbs the moisture which helped prevent my feet from sliding all over the place, and the gel on the bottom allowed for easy placement and removal in and out of my shoes without destroying them-unlike some adhesive products I have tried in the past.

The biggest con for me is the insoles were not long enough for my feet. The size I received was 6-10, so naturally I thought the insole would cover the entire inside of my shoe since I wear a 9.5 in heels and pumps, and a 10 in boots. When I placed my foot in the shoe, the insole stopped 2.5 inches short of the edge of my toes. Because the insole wasn’t the length of my entire foot, my toes were still sliding forward, but not as bad as they would have without the insoles. Also, the package stated the insoles could be worn discreetly in any shoe; however, I tried the insole in my heel sandals and flip flops and you could clearly see the insoles as plain as day.

I actually have mixed feeling about this product because on one hand the insoles are comfortable to wear, easy to install and remove, and absorbs moisture from my feet. On the other hand, the insoles were not the same length as my feet which caused my toes to slide forward still, but not as much. Because I personally know the Dreamwalk insoles does not match the length of my feet, I will pass on making a purchase. This product appears to be suited for people with small feet.