The biggest put off when it comes to dieting is the fact that there are so many restrictions when it comes to what we can and cannot eat. Almost all diets tell us we can’t have this or that and these are very often some of our most favorite foods, along with this, portion sizes are very limited and often a lot smaller than we are used to or like and this leaves us feeling constantly hungry and out of sorts with the whole world including ourselves and our diet. If you know this feeling all too well then here are some tips on how to lose weight without ever feeling hungry.

The number one tip for losing weight without getting those hunger pangs knowing away throughout the day and which will leave you feeling more satisfied and full is water. Everyone should drink around eight glasses of water per day to themselves and their bodies in tip top shape but water can also be used to fill you up. Very often, we mistake the feeling of hunger for the feeling of thirst, our body tricks us into believing we need food when sometimes we are just thirsty and a large glass of water is all that is needed to dissipate those hunger pangs. So make sure that throughout the day you drink plenty of fresh water and around a half hour before you are going to be having a meal, drink a large glass of water or two.

How to Lose Weight

Exercising if you feel hunger pangs might not make them go away entirely but it will take you mind off them and they wont be so noticeable, along with this you will be getting some much needed exercise which will help you to shed off those extra pounds and will also help you to sleep better at night.

Chewing gum can help to ease those hunger pangs; it will make you think you are eating something and psychologically it will do you good. When using gum in this way go for the sugar free variety or you will be making many extra trips to the dentist with rotten teeth, there are many different form of gum including mint and fruit flavors so choose you favorite and chew away to keep those hunger pangs at bay.

If you simply cant ignore the rumbling and feign off the hunger pangs and you find that you must snack then at the very least snack healthily. Remember all foods do contain calories even fruit and vegetables, which means that you can’t eat them freely whenever the need strikes. However if you need to nibble then try a few carrot sticks or a stick of celery or fresh fruit but don’t get carries away and if you are jotting down calories remember to include them and not cheat by leaving them off your daily tally.

At the beginning of your diet when you are first changing your habits hunger can strike, however this is sometimes just out of habit and your mind telling you haven’t eaten as much as you used to, when this happens wait around a half hour to see if the hunger dissipates before nibbling.