How to Make a Natural Homemade Mosquito Repellent

Create your own natural homemade mosquito repellent using essential oils found at your local health food stores (or order them online from reputable retailers). This repellent not only encourages mosquitoes...
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Management of Prostate Cancer: Screening, Diagnosis, Grading, Staging, and Treatment

Prostate cancer is the most common non-skin cancer among men. The disease can be screened but many patients still die from it each year. For people who have prostate cancer...
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Gimme a Knife, I’ll Tell You a Story

Getting off of the plane in San Diego the fellas could see all the family and loved ones waiting for them with a hero’s welcome. The banners flowed in the...
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Knife Skills: How to Properly Chop Onions

Every chef needs to eventually acquire proper chopping skills, especially for the tricky but often used onions. They are quite easy to chop if you know what method to use,...
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How to Subconsciously Lose Weight

Losing weight is generally a tough task for most people. In the United States, food portions have now ballooned to astronomical sizes. There a vending machines everywhere, so the temptation...
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The Effects of Self Improvement: Be Productive and Grow Your Community

Self-improvement is a journey that never ends. You will always be learning and growing, whether it’s about yourself or something else in life. Self-development is the best way to self-motivate...
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To Cream or Not to Cream: The Foot Callus Remover

Recently, I have encountered an issue of callus build up on the heel of my feet. I have been trying a range of products for a period of one week....
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A Review of Urban Tails Pet Resort in Houston, TX

Boarding, Dog Daycare, Grooming, Training, Swim Lessons and a Retail Shop for Dogs Urban Tails in Houston, TX offers everything a dog could want including pet services like dog daycare,...
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My Experience with X-Box Live Customer Support

The big and evolving world of online gaming has become completely complex. While this is great in most aspects, there is the looming dark side: hackers, glitchers, etc. People are...
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Where to Find Cheap Car Rentals, San Diego, California

Finding Cheap Car Rentals in San Diego is Easy If You Know How Finding cheap car rentals in San Diego doesn’t have to be difficult if you have the right...
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How to Develop Your Marriage IQ by Mort Fertel

June 20, 2021
How to Develop Your Marriage IQ by Mort Fertel

The frightening quiet procedure. The big stand-off. Terrible, isn't it?

The most extreme desires in a household come during these quiet treatments: "Oh God, I trust that's not him/her yanking into the entrance."

Or, "Oh God, when will he/she go in the already?"

Sometimes you experience like you could blow up, right?

Jodie: The Most quiet method

Jodie The Most quiet method

Most quiet method options begin like Jodie's started; with something "little and outrageous." Most partners can't maintain in mind what the durability was. And if they could, they'd be too shy to acknowledge that something so little blew-up into something so big.

So what are these quiet procedure options or stand-offs REALLY about? And how can you prevent them or end them soon after they begin?

It's exciting that Jodie designed a factor in her e-mail to say that she and her man "know better." In other terms, they're wise, knowledgeable, and done individuals. Jodie's man is even a assess, an professional in specific between right and incorrect. They know that dealing with each other this way doesn't add up. They know IT is incorrect. But they also know that THEY are right. And that's exactly the problem!

When does a Silent process alternative occur?

When does a Silent process alternative occur

Silent process alternatives occur when both people practical knowledge they're RIGHT. And the more excessive each second half's phrase to their point of view, the expanded the peaceful lasts. And, amazingly, the more prudent and the convey the several, the MORE LIKELY they are to endure peaceful between them, because prudent and convey people have confidence in their position and objective for ranking their ground, see this here.

Although Jodie is surprised that her and her man, prudent people, could be so little, in reality that one objective they're ranking their peaceful for such a comprehensive time is BECAUSE they're prudent. In other conditions, intelligent prospective and marriage satisfaction can be INVERSELY appropriate. Let me say it another way: When it comes to your marriage, you can be right or you can be excited. But sometimes you can't be both. In a court docket, a medical, or an workplace, right and incorrect figure out breakdown or achievements. The choice to recommend the right remedies, for example, could be the change between life and loss of life. The connection between the medical doctor and the individual is additional. Being RIGHT is what issues and what is paid.

But in wedding, being right has no value. All that issues is the connection.

Sometimes you have to select. Do you want to be right or do you want to be fortunately married?

Just because you're "right/wrong" paradigm operates at the workplace doesn't mean that you should carry it house. "He who is a sort feels everything is a claw." Some elements function completely in one place of life and fall short very in an additional. In wedding, you have to be like a contractor and know which device to use. The right/wrong method is the WRONG device to use in your wedding.

The more you require on being RIGHT, the more you will be unpleasant in your wedding. Don't go for RIGHT; go for LOVE.

How to Make a Natural Homemade Mosquito Repellent

June 11, 2021
How to Make a Natural Homemade Mosquito Repellent

Create your own natural homemade mosquito repellent using essential oils found at your local health food stores (or order them online from reputable retailers). This repellent not only encourages mosquitoes to stay away, it also repels almost every biting and non-biting bug you can think of. The essential oils have a strong scent that most humans find pleasing, but insects cannot tolerate. Try making a large batch and taking it with you on hikes, camping trips and other outdoor excursions.

What You Need:

Natural Homemade Mosquito Repellent

  • 8 drops cedar essential oil
  • 5 drops eucalyptus essential oil
  • 4 drops lavender essential oil
  • 4 drops citronella essential oil
  • 2 drops rosemary essential oil
  • 1 drop peppermint essential oil
  • 1 drop cinnamon essential oil
  • ¼ cup vegetable oil
  • Small pray bottle


  1. Combine all the essential oils and the vegetable oil in a small spray bottle. Shake well.
  2. Label the bottle with the contents and the date, and store in a dark place out of direct sunlight when you aren't using the mixture.
  3. To use your homemade mosquito repellent, lightly spritz the mixture on any areas of exposed skin (avoiding the eye area) before going outdoors.

Tips & Warnings

Tips & Warnings

  1. If you don't have access to all of the essential oils listed above, you can substitute as long as you don't exceed 25 total drops. For example, if you don't have rosemary essential oil, you can simply add 4 extra drops of citronella. Do not exceed 1 drop of cinnamon or peppermint oil in any one batch, however, as these oils are extremely strong and can irritate the skin in larger concentrations.
  2. Use any type of vegetable oil you have on hand, such as extra-virgin olive, grapeseed oil, apricot kernel oil, sesame oil or avocado oil, authentic website. You can even use regular cooking oil, if necessary, although it may leave a greasy residue on your skin. Extra-virgin olive or a light carrier oil such as apricot kernel is best.
  3. Do not use this homemade mosquito repellent on children, and never use on your face or near your eyes, as irritation may occur.

Management of Prostate Cancer: Screening, Diagnosis, Grading, Staging, and Treatment

June 10, 2021
Management of Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is the most common non-skin cancer among men. The disease can be screened but many patients still die from it each year. For people who have prostate cancer or know someone who does, understanding the condition can ease concerns about it.

Screening and Diagnosis

Screening and Diagnosis

Although some men with prostate cancer may occasionally report an initial symptom, such as difficulty with urinating, the disease is usually found by screening. A digital rectal examination (DRE) allows a physician to detect any nodules, asymmetry, or other suspicious findings. In addition, the patient has a blood test for prostate-specific antigen (PSA) to see if it is elevated.

Although the PSA is fairly specific to the prostate gland, an elevated PSA does not equal prostate cancer. It simply means that something is going on with the prostate. It could be prostate cancer, but it could also be benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH), which involves a diffusely enlarged prostate without cancer, or prostatitis, which may result from infection of the prostate. In fact, a patient may be put on a trial of antibiotics if prostatitis is suspected; if the PSA drops after antibiotics, the cause is likely prostatitis.

Nevertheless, a suspicious DRE and/or elevated PSA will prompt a physician, specifically a urologist, to perform a biopsy of the prostate. Using transrectal ultrasound (TRUS) as guidance, the urologist takes needle biopsies of the prostate through the rectal wall, collecting several samples at different areas of the prostate in a systematic manner.

Grading and Staging

If a pathologist microscopically reviewing the biopsy samples finds cancer, then he or she determines the grade, the degree of growth and differentiation of the cancer cells. For prostate cancer, this is measured by the Gleason score. Prostate cancer cells are graded from 1 to 5, with 1 representing slow growth and appearance similar to specialized prostate cells (well differentiated) and 5 representing rapid growth and appearance barely resembling prostate cells (poorly differentiated). The grades of the two most common cell grades seen under the microscope are added to form the Gleason score (e.g., 4+3).

Staging classifies how far the cancer has spread from its origin. It can be localized to the gland, spread to the lymph nodes, or metastasize to the rest of the body. Imaging studies like a CT scan and nuclear bone scan can provide additional information. Tumors are commonly staged using the TNM classification to designate where in the prostate the tumor is (T), whether lymph nodes are involved (N), and whether the cancer has metastasized (M).



Depending on the grade and stage of prostate cancer, treatment may include observation (a.k.a. watchful waiting), surgery (prostatectomy), external beam radiation therapy, implantation of radioactive material (brachytherapy), and lowering testosterone levels (androgen ablation) with medication or surgical removal of the testes (orchiectomy). Patients should discuss with their doctor about which treatments are best for their individual case, check more details here.

Other treatments remain mostly investigational, including proton beam therapy and high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU). They will become more available if additional studies demonstrate safety and efficacy that is comparable to standard treatment.

Gimme a Knife, I’ll Tell You a Story

June 8, 2021
Gimme a Knife, I'll Tell You a Story

Getting off of the plane in San Diego the fellas could see all the family and loved ones waiting for them with a hero's welcome. The banners flowed in the air, rhythmically dancing to the breeze of the coast.

The Paulson brothers both Army and both first lieutenants, were tired, they had lead men; been in the habit of scanning skylines, looking for things out of place in the crowds, panic was reigned in by the thought, they were home. Still, they searched silently for the telltale flash hiders hanging out of the random skirt or odd longcoat. The door felt smaller coming out of the plane leading to the metal steps, the crowd roared when Alex's head poked out clad in the Red Beret he hated. Sam followed closely after.

Groomed from birth by a Father

Alex and Paul were the perfect officers, they always had been. Groomed from birth by a Father who was a full bird Colonel. Their days started with coin flips on the perfect corners of their neatly made beds. It continued on to perfectly creased polo shirts, matched with perfectly tan khaki's on through ROTC in High School. Football was a passion, militaristic in its execution, they did what it took to take the team to the State Championship.

Watching game film, running extra practices for the team, and when all of that failed in their Junior year they took the summer to become physical behemoths. The brothers ate anadrome, injecting anabol, cycling the steroids like fighting dogs eating red meat. The Colonel funded it all with a generous allowance for chores, then ready for senior year, they filled in there six foot four inch frames in preparation to tear stuff up. After all, they were heroes, they were then and are now. The competition was a joke, the Paulson boys were granite chinned with movie star looks, light brown hair close cropped to the skull, one year apart, they didn't get attention, they commanded it.

Enrique tried not let thoughts like that creep in but they always did, he felt smaller by not having that control over himself, by not being able to block the envy out, he always screwed things up. His brother Angel never did. Both had the looks of middleweight boxers, tanned by the desert sun, hair high and tight, twins in stature about five foot seven with boots but not in thought.

Angel saw the door crack open to the transport plane and thought of gods hand, the people waiting to see them and he washed over in the waves of joy. He was home, vowing never to go back to hell. His brother Enrique was a Lance Corporal in the United States Marine Corps, specializing in Engineering. Angel was a Scout, a Gunnery Sergeant or Gunny to the Corpsmen.The Perez boys' mom, Esmerelda, was proud of both of them and eagerly waiting to see her babies walk off the plane in one piece after the trouble in Fallujah.

She worked her fingers to the bone to get them here, working two jobs with the school district and a local motel to move into the apartment on Kaiser Street, gerrymandered into the Claremont School district and a whole galaxy away from the gangs and dope of East Los Angeles where she grew up. The boys seemed like a curse to her father at first when she showed signs of plumping around the middle he called her on it, telling her she was a whore, dirty and needed to leave his house.

The truth was, she had a boyfriend, Armando, he was into low rider cars, fixing them up and he had a nice 1971 Impala. Armando took her to school her whole ninth grade year. They would kiss, he would hold her hand at school and tell her he loved her. One day they left school after lunch. He had a plan, they would go to his Aunt's house that was empty, once they entered her bedroom at just before noon, she didn't get home until after Midnight. Esme lied to her parents when she came home, telling them she had taken the wrong Bus and ended up in some strange town at the end of the route. It hurt her to lie, the truth came out in two six pound bundles nine months later.

She would not speak to her father for three years, she felt the pain every time her mom called. Armando was gunned down in a carjacking before the babies were out of diapers, before that he didn't go to see them being born he had a new girl. He didn't help with diapers there were rims to buy for the Impala. In all he kept a very low profile after his cousin told him Esme was eight weeks pregnant.

Enrique, saw the Army boys at the front of the line, it was only the four of them on the flight coming back from the stopover in Germany. His hospital stay at Landstuhl was brief, while stationed in Fallujeh adetonationcord had gone off prematurely next to him as it was wrapped around what seemed to be a normal, wooden telephone pole. Simple, six turns or cord around the base of it, walk away, BOOM. Not this time though, this time the wooden pole had a four inch in diameter steel cable running through it.

It turned out when the det cord blew, the cable ground sent molten shrapnel everywhere; killing three of his squad, cutting them to ribbons, blood and gore hitting him in the face, neck, hot steel spikes shooting into his arm at the biceps, meat of his cohorts splattered his mouth, wood broke out his teeth, his tongue sliced back to the lingual frenulum. The taste of cordite, his own blood and the flesh of his teammate along with the pain was searing, whitening, then as a tunnel, black.

Now eight months removed, the flash of light as the door opened to cargo plane brought him back. Instinctively Enrique, reached to his left, no pistol.

Back up, feeling for the knife in his front pocket, it was folded, clipped to the pocket, his pulse is racing, chest pounding, heart pumping adrenaline and blood, eyes darting back and forth. In his eyes, the room was filled with Hadji's, get more info. The desert air is dry, hot, he can't keep the pouring sweat from stinging his eyes.

Angel saw his brother in front of him. Reaching for the knife opening it's four inch, fully serrated Tanto point black teflon coated blade, he heard the assuring click of the lock engaging as it opened.

Enrique was not right.

The Paulson's looked to the crowd, smiling new babies for each, beautiful, blonde haired, blue eyed babies, held by beautiful, blonde haired mommies, that were each the belle of the ball. Lovely, upper crust girls that rode in amazing cars with the best qualities of Apple Pie and the American Dream. Today, those wives looked into the plane through the sun onto their American Heroes, not realizing the waves of light and glory had carried awayreality like a wolf in the nursery.

The knife was a part of his hand, more so it was a natural extension of his left arm, he dropped to a squat and into a dead sprint, down theaisle-way. Boots digging into carpet, ankles stiff with the shock of heavy footfalls, his right hand lunged for Alex Paulson's shoulder, the knife was angled to strike through theLieutenant's neck then show the white of bone.

Paul stepped onto the first steps of the mobile aluminum staircase. Hand waving, smiling, focused on the music, taking in the adulation, taken with himself, like an otter with an urchin on his tummy. He glided down the steps, athletically powerful, graceful a tuned warrior in dress uniform, perfect.

Alex, had dropped his head out of the open doorway, to avoid bumping it, he thought about how funny that would look, bumping his head on a door sill after making it through two tours of duty with nary a scratch. Ridiculous he thought.

Then he felt a trembling, quivering of goose flesh rise on his shoulder, by his neck. The knife, in a black wisp of fury, raced through air, cutting the silence inside the craft, gutting the cheers outside of it. Then as if a godlike pause were pressed, all motion carrying the knife into his flesh ended.

The knife, in a black wisp of fury, raced through air

Angel had gotten his brother's wrist, stopping it cold. He pulled his brother back, throwing him to the floor, disarming him, he put his knee on Enrique's neck, turned his wrist hard enough too open his hand. He backhanded his brother.

Angel sobbed passionately, "What the hell are you doing man, we are Home!"

The Brothers Paulson, utterly engrossed in their personal Great American Homecoming, surfed the adoration, the throbbing masses pouring love into their being.

Behind them.

Enrique mumbled eyes filled with tears, tongue scarred, slurred, "Angel, we are...home?"

Knife Skills: How to Properly Chop Onions

June 7, 2021
Knife Skills

Every chef needs to eventually acquire proper chopping skills, especially for the tricky but often used onions. They are quite easy to chop if you know what method to use, but can be a headache if approached haphazardly.

Chopping Onions: Chef's Knife

Before digging into the actual knife skills, it is first important to think about the knife being used. The best thing to use for basic everyday chopping is a chef's knife. This blade, usually at least 8 inches long, is curved so foods can be chopped while rocking the knife back and forth, making the process much faster than with a smaller blade that needed to be lifted between each cut.

Your chef's knife should be of relatively high quality, and will probably run you at least $20. Think of it as an investment to prevent emergency room trips when you would have sliced off your fingers with a mediocre blade. It should be sturdy and have a straight edge - none of those $3 flexible serrated knives you can pick up at any grocery store. If you purchase a good knife and sharpen it regularly by drawing it down a steel at a 20º angle, it will last for years and make chopping a much more enjoyable experience. You can get extra information about knife skills by visit here.

Chopping Onions: Cutting Board

Chopping Onions Cutting Board

If you have wood cutting boards, I would actually recommend having a separate ones for chopping onions (and garlic as well). Nobody wants the peach they are cutting up to taste like onion, which may happen if the same cutting board is used, especially if it is wood. For this reason, a composite cutting board is best, and it should be at least as long as your knife is so you have plenty of space to work with.

Chopping Onions: Technique

The wonderful thing about chopping onions is that they come in layers, so you only have to chop in two directions to get perfect little minced pieces. However, you do need to be careful, because the layers are prone to slipping, and you don't want to chop your finger.

How to Mince an Onion

How to Mince an Onion

To mince an onion, start by slicing off the top quarter inch and the bottom quarter inch, and peeling any dry layers off and throwing them away. Then cut it in half on the axis that runs through the top and the bottom. For each half of the onion, you will first lay it flat on the board and make a set of slices that run parallel to the cut you made to chop the top and the bottom off. Then, turn the onion 90º and make a number of pie-shaped slices that run from the outside layer to the very center of the onion that is flat on your cutting board. Rub the pieces a little and the layers will separate, giving you perfect minced onions.

How to Slice an Onion into Strips

To slice an onion into strips to sauté and put in food, do the same thing as above, but skip the step when you make parallel slices, and just do the pie-shaped ones. This will make very pretty strips with pointed ends.

How to Slice an Onion into Rings

To slice an onion for hamburgers or something where you want rings, just cut off the top and bottom, peel it, and then slice it all the way down in slices parallel to your cuts for taking off the top and bottom. You will have rings ranging in size from the outside ones to the tiny ones in the middle.

How to Subconsciously Lose Weight

June 6, 2021
How to Subconsciously Lose Weight

Losing weight is generally a tough task for most people. In the United States, food portions have now ballooned to astronomical sizes. There a vending machines everywhere, so the temptation to eat is too much fro some to resist. Here are some purely psychological tips that can help you begin to shed those extra pounds.

1. Purchase small plates that do not hold as much food. By simply purchasing small plates, you will force yourself to eat less, as your plate will simply not hold as much food. Also, drink lots of water with each meal. This will cause you to fill up on health water instead of heavy food.

hold as much food

2. Eat slower! This is a very simple technique that allows you to eat less food, View for effective information right now.. As your stomach gets full, it will start to signal the brain that it is full. Unfortunately, many times food is consumed at such a rapid pace; the brain does not have time to receive the full message from the stomach. Eating slower will allow your stomach to fully transmit the message to the brain and you will notice that you suddenly can no longer finish that entire plate of spaghetti.

3. Eat with chopsticks. For those that are not able to force themselves to eat slower, you can try eating with chopsticks. As most Americans are not experts with chopsticks, this will force you to eat slower than you normally would.

4. Stop drinking alcohol. As everyone knows, Alcohol is a horrible for your body. It kills brain cells, and has tons of calories and sugar. For most, this is usually the hardest part of losing weight, but is a vital step.

Stop drinking alcohol

5. Purchase a Nintendo Wii and a Wii Fit. Playing video games is something that nearly everyone enjoys. A Wii Fit is the perfect bridge between video games and exercise. It is like having a personal trainer that lets you play games.

6. Surround yourself with like minded people. This goes with anything in life. If you intend to lose weight and get into shape, you should have friends with the same goals. They will be less likely to talk you into going out unhealthy meals, or lounging around the house on the couch all day.

Stick with these tips, and you are guaranteed to not only lose weight, but you will feel better about yourself.

The Effects of Self Improvement: Be Productive and Grow Your Community

June 5, 2021
The Effects of Self Improvement

Self-improvement is a journey that never ends. You will always be learning and growing, whether it's about yourself or something else in life. Self-development is the best way to self-motivate yourself and become more productive. All you need to do is put your mind towards improving in some aspect of your life, no matter how small it may seem! The latest blog post shows the effective ways to improve productivity with self-development strategies!

What is self improvement?

What is self improvement

Self-improvement meaning is to become a better person. Life is process where we learn new things every day and self-improvement it's about you becoming one of them. To be more productive, for example at your job or in the community because that will help you with self-motivation.

Self improvement can involve many different aspects like education & health but also personal growth which includes:

* Self awareness - Is an understanding of who you are as individual including strengths and weaknesses, emotional intelligence skills (EQ) * Personal Goals - Setting goals reflective of what inspires you while remaining grounded on realistic expectations; this may include vision boards, mood tracking apps etc... * Daily Routines - Creating routines in order to get into habits that positively impact daily life.

Reasons why you're not happy with your life and how to fix it

- There are many reasons why you may not be happy with your life. You may have been unhappy for a while or it could just happen to sneak up on you one day like never before. The point is that there can be different points in our lives where we get stuck and need help getting back out of the rut.

- Sometimes, people feel as if their lives will never change no matter what they do or how hard they try feeling lost and alone in this world thinking nothing good ever happens to them when really all they needed was an extra push from someone who cared about them enough to give it to them straight.

Self improvement does not only apply outside but inside too. Self development is taking care of yourself both physically and mentally.

Ways to improve your lifestyle

This article lists eight ways to improve your lifestyle. To become more productive, self-motivated and grow your community you can try these:

- Write down a list of the things that are important to you on a piece of paper and put it somewhere visible at home or work so you always know what is going on in your life.

- Be mindful about how much time you spend online because this will affect the quality of sleep as well as reduce productivity throughout the day.

- Take some time out for yourself every day where all social media sites are off limits so that way, it's just you focusing on one thing; improving yourself rather than taking care of everyone else too.

- Stay away from comparing yourself with other persons.


If you're looking to be more self-aware and live a meaningful life, then this blog post is for you. We've covered three ways that neuroscience research can help us better understand our brains and how we think. The first point was about the brain's built in "negativity bias" which means it pays attention to negative things because they are often more important than positive ones like rewards or safety. Next, we learned about confirmation bias which refers to people’s tendency to look for evidence that confirms their beliefs rather than attempting to disprove them. Lastly, we discussed the power of cognitive dissonance where humans try hard not changing viewpoints once they have committed themselves publicly."

To Cream or Not to Cream: The Foot Callus Remover

June 4, 2021
The Foot Callus Remover

Recently, I have encountered an issue of callus build up on the heel of my feet. I have been trying a range of products for a period of one week. I have even tried some ideas that were recommended to me as a means of getting my callus build up under control. I have kept a log on each item used, and now I am going to share my findings with you.

I lead a pretty busy life, and to tell you the truth, I am slightly on the lazy side when it comes to continually caring for my feet, so I wanted something that was easy applying. I went to my local supermarket and searched their shelves for product that would help with my foot issue. I carefully read the backs of each and every product that I had came across. I had found that many of those products require a continual reapplication of the product throughout the day. I automatically ruled those kinds of products out. I ended up with only a few options for foot care, so I bought them and took them home.

The first product that I had found was a Conair Bubbling Foot Spa at almost $20.00. It is a little foot tub that you fill with water, and it allows for the user to use it on three different "custom comfort settings" as the box reads. The foot bath comes with two other pluses, gel inserts for your foot comfort, and a splash guard to prevent the water from landing on the floor when it begins to bubble. Even though my feet felt refreshed and less achy after I had used this, it did not do the trick. In fact, I had found that when I went to remove the now soggy callus from my heels, it was next to impossible. This product I had used two times in one week.

To Cream or Not to Cream

The next item on my list was the Ped Egg Foot File. When I had gotten home I wasted no time taking this foot file out of it's packaging. I read the instructions carefully. It has an easy grip handle, and a file. The file was removable, and beneath it lay a compartment that collected all the 'callus dust'. I thought wow, easy clean up. My hyped thoughts soon changed to concern when I had noticed that the file looked more like a cheese grater then it had a file. I was unsure of it's safeness on my heels, but decided to give it a try anyways. Note that it is best used when your feet are dry. I had used the grater once a day for a week. It did not remove all of the callus, but it had at least smoothed out my heels enough that socks weren't getting caught on them, and my heels did not have that achy feel to them at the end of the day. This product works great for an instant smoothing of your callus, but is not recommended as a means of removing your callus build up.

A friend of mine went to a "spa party" and had suggested that I try a foot cream sold by a company called I went to their website and made a purchase. The foot cream that I had purchased was called Herbal aromatherapy foot crème, whose sent was titled, Serenity. It smells sort of musky but in a soothing way. I used this foot cream for a week as well. The directions state to apply it to your feet as often as you wish. So I put some on and massaged it into my heels, as the directions stated. It gave almost an immediate relieve from the dry callus build up. However, within about two hours, this feeling of smooth feet began to wear off, so I applied some more. Sure enough, the same thing had happened; immediate relief from the dry, rough callus build up which lasted for about two hours. This is an okay product if you can keep up with the many applications that would need to be done in one day.

The next thing that I tried to use as a means of relieving my callus build up was Utter Cream. Yes, I said Utter Cream. I had received a hot tip from another friend of mine that swore by it's power to cure the callus build up. So down to my local drugstore I had went and purchased the Utter Cream that only took me forty minutes and an employee later to find. When I got home, I had slapped some of that Utter Cream onto my feet. Big mistake. If I walked around bare foot, my feet stuck to the carpet. If I put socks on, my feet felt as though they were slipping and sliding within them. Although I was trying items for a period of one week, this one was just going to have to wait for someone else to try. After two days I had enough, I could no longer handle continuously walking around with that Utter Cream on the bottom of my feet.

My next dare devil stunt was with a product sold through Pure Romance, a company who deals in adult items. Never mind how I came about this lotion. The lotion that I had purchased is called, Whipped. Reading the bottle it states that it is an "edible massage cream". Great, just what I always wanted in a foot lotion, edibility was a factor in my purchasing it. Not really, however, at this point I was ready and willing to try anything if it so called 'worked'. I had placed the lotion on my heels and massaged it in. Slipping the sock over my feet, I could tell an instant difference. The lotion had made my feet appear less dry looking. However after a few days, this product, like the BeautiControl product had appeared to be one that needed to be reapplied continuously throughout the day. This product is not recommended for anyone who is like me, one application and you are done. It you are looking for an instant relief from your dry heels, this product is a good choice, however it does not work to get rid of or even reduce callus build up.

Foot Callus Remover

My final option in foot creams actually came not by itself, but as a pair. These two foot creams are both products of a company called Avon. I had found a book and decided to call the number on the back to ask about their foot creams. "Deep moisture Cream and Invisible Silicone Sock Cream in the morning." The woman on the end of the phone had told me. So I bought them. At first I had been a little unsure of the double layer in the morning. The thought of the two creams on my feet at the same time drew only one picture up in my mind, sticky feet. I was certain that these two products, like many of the others that I had purchased online, would be a complete dud. Avon has a product line called "Foot Works", which fit's the product. So day one, I rubbed in the Deep Moisture Cream, and layered over that Invisible Silicone Sock Cream rubbing it in until it was gone. I pulled my sock over my feet and had noticed that most of the roughness of my callus build up had disappeared. I applied the two products every morning covering my feet with socks. By the end of the week, boy was I surprised. I could not believe the results.

Applying the two Avon creams in the morning and covering my feet with socks sounded to easy to be true. In fact, if I had not seen the smooth, beautiful heels for myself, I would not have believed it either. It is from my experience that the combination of these two products worked the best. I have added the different websites below of some of the places that I had searched for those foot products. Perhaps something that did not work for my life style would for yours.

A Review of Urban Tails Pet Resort in Houston, TX

June 3, 2021
A Review of Urban Tails Pet Resort

Boarding, Dog Daycare, Grooming, Training, Swim Lessons and a Retail Shop for Dogs

Urban Tails in Houston, TX offers everything a dog could want including pet services like dog daycare, boarding, grooming, dog training, a retail center, and a swimming pool. I took my dog there to be groomed after I spoke with Urban Tails about hand-stripping - yes, they actually hand-strip - and grooming of my English Cocker Spaniel. I was thrilled to learn more their dog groomer had experience with the breed which so few groomers in the greater Houston, TX area do not.

Prior to going to Urban Tails, my dog experienced improper dog grooming techniques because previous groomers did not seem to understand what an English Cocker Spaniel should look like nor did they listen to my instructions (or look at the photos I had provided); however, Marina at Urban Tails pet resort in Houston, TX was different. She actually knew what she was doing and had plenty of experience doing it.

Dog Daycare

Marina not only takes pride in her work but she wants each customer to be satisfied so she will even phone a customer if she doesn't understand the instructions 100%, and she verifies with the dog parent before doing anything. Now how many groomers in Houston, TX do that? Marina not only hand-strips my dog but she showed me which tool to buy so I could hand-strip him myself at home to help his coat in between his grooming appointments.

But what is most impressive is that Marina (at Urban Tails pet resort in Houston, TX) is a master at hand scissoring. She can actually achieve the same look with scissors that a clipper can, but with hand-scissoring there are no shaving marks or demarcation lines. Instead the fur is blended which makes it look more natural. Whenever I pick Euri up, I inspect him (after he stops jumping on me that is), and if I need Marina to cut a bit more (especially in the leg area where Euri tends to pick up burs and stickers), she does that without hesitation. The Groom Shoppe (at Urban Tails pet resort in Houston, TX) even gives Euri his lunch: his baggy filled with holistic kibble and treats.

I love how the staff at Urban Tails pet resort in Houston, TX is so friendly towards the dogs. Now you'd think that anyone working in the pet industry would be an animal person, but you'd be surprised at how many people we've met that really aren't dog-friendly. After grooming, Euri comes out into the hall and is able to run free at the front of Urban Tails pet resort in Houston, TX (where the reception desk and retail center are located), because they have a dog gate that opens inwards to ensure no dogs get out. Urban Tails pet resort in Houston, TX even has a low couch in which dogs (and humans) can sit while waiting.

There is a plethora of parking which is convenient, and there is grass along the sidewalk so dogs can do their business before and after getting groomed. If you have a hard-to-groom breed (or even an easy one), then look no further than Urban Tails pet resort in Houston, TX.

Check out some of their fun dog daycare activities while you're there too, like dog art where dogs put their paws in paint and create a masterpiece for their humans, holiday parties, and hikes to the local park (weather permitting). And if you have a puppy, why not take advantage of the free puppy swim lessons?

My Experience with X-Box Live Customer Support

June 2, 2021
My Experience with X-Box Live Customer Support

The big and evolving world of online gaming has become completely complex. While this is great in most aspects, there is the looming dark side: hackers, glitchers, etc. People are compromising personal data through any means to get into and drain bank accounts, whether it be through X-Box Live, an MMO subscription or an iTunes account.

One day - a day I remember vividly - I was playing a friendly game of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, when an obvious hacker came into the room. It didn't seem like a big deal at the time since he wasn't ruining the game play or anything from what I could tell, but the guy had a 50:1 Kill-to-Death Ratio - something that is practically impossible. All of his stats were completely out of whack, so I just thought he was a booster.

But something happened after I left that lobby and returned form dinner - something was wrong. My whole X-Box Live Dashboard was in disarray with half of it being in Russian, and I was unable to access certain programs like Netflix. I tried everything: checking the language options, taking out the hard drive, clearing the cache from the hard drive, but nothing worked.

Live Customer Support

After awhile I called X-Box Live Customer Support and they walked me through everything I had already done, one guy even saying twice that I probably changed the language "accidentally" (which, for those of you who know, it's buried in an array of menus - it'd be hard to "accidentally" change it). Eventually I talk to a representative that stated they could do an "investigation" on my account. According to the representative it would take up to two weeks. I went along with it; I wasn't married to my X-Box, I was plenty busy and X-Box Live was just a quick escape I only played once in awhile.

Fast forward to two weeks later. I call up once again, but the investigation is not yet complete. They stated due to international licenses that it would take a bit longer, up to a month.

Fast forward to two weeks later, a total of a month or so by now. Same excuse, and there's no way in getting in touch with the investigation team whatsoever. There's no cross communication between Customer Service and Investigations Team. I understand it can be a lengthy process, so I just take it as it is and wait a couple more weeks.

Fast forward to a month and a half in total later. Same excuse, they're unsure of what is going on with my account. No information at this time. Around this time I was also trying to e-mail the Investigations Team, but they rarely responded, and it was never real news about my account.

About two months go by, and I finally get an e-mail stating that the investigation has been completed. My gamer tag, in all of its glory, has been returned to its rightful owner, and I am free to enter the wide and wonderful world of online gaming once again. I scroll down further... hundreds of dollars had been taken from my account (I believe about $400+) and all my Microsoft Points had been expended. Fantastic.

I call back again and talk to another representative. The representative is nice and helpful, and explains that it was taken immediately prior to the investigation, so they would have to reimburse me within the next week or so.

Eventually I am reimbursed my money and Microsoft points. Although it was a lengthy (and annoying) process, everything is back to the status quo. My overall experience with X-Box Live's Customer Support, although lengthy and sometime annoying, wasn't overly terrible. Much more transparency would've been nicer and seemed more accommodating, but the representatives were generally courteous, kind and helpful.

I was also complimented with about 8 months worth of X-Box Live Gold vouchers for my troubles - something that truly buried the hatched for the lengthy investigation.

One general tip I got from a representative: Always purchase a prepaid card rather than link your debit card to an account. Although it generally doesn't happen often, debit accounts can be accessed and drained of funds (as seen here in my case, of course). This should be done with all online accounts, if possible.