There are many online games are available, but few of the games have discounts. League of Legends is an online game, it has a website. We can create an account in hand leveled site and we can buy league of legends account discount in hand leveled gaming website. It declares about the base discount. It provides twenty percent of discounts for all the league of legends accounts. It has the option to select the server we want. We can also buy the blue essence league of legends account with base discount and it filled with blue essence.

How to buy a league of legends account

If we buy a custom league of legends account, we have the right to choose the summoner name and create the account by having the full ownership of the gaming account. This server option is suitable for high elo players. It might help us to get the account locked by reaching diamond. But, it will able to unlock it with the original email attached to the gaming account.

Work process of league of legends

Work process of league of legends

We create a league of legend gaming account with using our own email address what we want and we verify the account on league of legends site. We can select the package which one we need to start and customize it. Once we feel happy with this process, we can continue with this. First, we have to fill our summoner name, then click buy now option where we can finish the transaction. After finishing this transaction, we will receive further instructions to our PayPal email address. There are three types of packages to start customizing. First one is the starter, the second one is advanced and the third one is premium. Buy lol smurf with the penalty, it has some restrictions in chatting and accounts with leaver buster for a lower price. We can also buy league of legends smurf under level 30 in lower price.

Safe and secure featuring service

Preleveled account is delivered instantly via email. It delivers from up to two days for customizable accounts. Hand leveled site maintain their ban rate in zero due to their expert customization and security protocols and they also offer a lifetime warranty for all the hand leveled accounts free of charge to back this up. Their customization account allows us to choose our own summoner name, game mode, champion preference, summoner spell keys, and VPN location. If we have any enquires regarding our order or their service, they have a special support team to assist us. We can use PayPal to payment transactions; it is the safest way to pay. We can use their dashboard to make it for us to keep track of our order and access the features. If we are looking to buy league of legends account from a safe and secure featuring service support us. In hand leveled gaming site, we can select any customizable smurf league of legends accounts package. And, we can buy unranked account of league of legends package with different amount of champions.