Hair cuttings in the saloon can get more expensive, there the workers are using the same clippers for all the persons so you can use clippers yourself to cut your hair at home. The clippers are easy to make more hairstyles and also the safest thing to cut your hair. The clippers are cut or trim your hair depends on the numbering system with is present on the top of the clipper, adjust it depends on the styles which you want to cut. These are on the clippers are refers to the blade size, which determines the length of our hair. In the system, the smaller numbers are used for the shorter cut larger numbers are used for the larger cut.

How to Sharpen the Hair Clippers

Before starting to cut your hair washes your hair with gentle massage, so that it is easy to cut and trim your hair. Cover around the person’s shoulders using the pure and clean cloth. The fabric cloths are better for this work because this helps to fall off the hair onto the floor instead off stay to cloths. Use the longest blade guards to take off the longest hairs or more quantity of hairs. If you want to remove or trim more amount or lot of hair using the blade guard with high length. After that set the clipper and move against the hair growth. If you using the clipper to cut or trim your hair you just only move the clipper against the growth.

How to Sharpen The Hair Clippers?

Pick up a blade and place the base of the blade in the slit of a magnetic holder, so the sharp edge of the blade extends past the magnet edge. This will make it easier to sharpen the blade without cutting yourself or dropping the blade. A strong, flat magnet may work instead. Sharpen both blades using the steps below, one at a time. Run the blade along a coarse honing stone. Also called whetstones or sharpening stones, these are available at some home improvement and hardware stores. Using a 4000 grit surface, angle the blade at about a 30–45º angle, and move it forward across the stone five to ten times, until it looks shiny and even. Wipe away the ground-off metal powder onto a dry towel. Turn the blade over and repeat for the other edge.

How to Fix The Clippers In The Right Direction?

Repeat with a fine honing stone. Your blade now looks quite better, but to create a sharper, fine edge. As before, move each side of the blade five to ten times across the stone, moving forward only. Wipe the blade off on a towel. Reassemble the clippers. Make sure that you have the blades facing the direction they were originally facing, and spaced at close to the original distance apart. Screw the blades in tightly. Apply hair clipper oil, this step is needed after every two or three uses, but especially after the blades have just been sharpened. Add a few drops of oil to the blades, to prevent overheating and reduce friction that can wear down the blade.

How To Fix The Clippers In The Right Direction

While an alternate light, penetrating oil can work instead; avoid heavy, dark oils which can clog the blades. You might want to check with a barber or online before using new oil for the first time. Run the clippers for a couple of minutes. Turn the clippers on and let the blades rub together for a couple minutes. This will hone the blades further. Your clippers should now be ready to use on hair, easier and safest to use cutting edge. If you want to know more ways to work with the clipper click here