The newest fitness trackers on the market are not just counting steps; they are also measuring them more accurately. These devices use an accelerometer, which measures movement and vibration in order to calculate your daily step count. But how do these devices measure up? We will discuss in this blog post about popular fitness tracking devices.

What Does Fitness Tracker Do?

A fitness tracker is a small, wrist-worn device that monitors data such as your heart rate and daily steps. These devices can also monitor sleep habits. Most health experts recommend getting at least 150 minutes of moderate to intense exercise per week in order to maintain good physical and emotional health.

Koretrak Pro has been making wearable technology for over five years now, so it should come as no surprise that they have their own fitness tracker on the market. The shine counts all your steps with an accelerometer that measures movement and vibration in order to calculate how many you take each day: with no input from you!

How Does A Fitness Tracker Count Your Steps?

How Does A Fitness Tracker Count Your Steps

A fitness tracker always measures how many steps you have taken, the distance walked and the calories burned. The most accurate trackers are with a wristband that links to your smartphone. They can be worn all day long so they accurately count your movement throughout the day. If it is not linked to your phone or if it falls off, then it will just measure for about 24 hours of walking since the last syncing time. You would need another device like a pedometer or app on your phone for more accuracy when out of range from smartwatch/wristband tracker such as counting number of steps by hand; tracking distances using a map in an external GPS enabled mobile application; entering food intake manually into the database, etc.

Measures accurately

To measure your steps accurately, you need to know how many feet there are in a mile and then divide the number of miles by 12. This will tell you the average number of steps per day that is counted for an adult who walks around two miles each day (30 minutes). The accuracy also improves if you walk over eight hours or take short breaks while walking less than four hours. There are few things you can do to ensure you are getting a more accurate count.

-Walk on a flat surface, such as pavement or sidewalks

-Avoid obstacles that will make you break your stride

-Remember to wear shoes with laces and bound them before walking

-If you have Koretrak Pro fitness tracker, place it where the sensor is not touching anything but skin – this improves accuracy by up to 20% of steps per day.


Wearing a fitness tracker has become the norm these days, the device will typically be worn on your wrist and counts every step you take throughout the day by using either an accelerometer or gyroscope sensor. It may also use GPS technology for more accurate data if you’re going to be walking outside. As long as this information is recorded accurately, then it can help motivate people who are trying to get fit!