When I saw that scarf cut and caftan tops were going to be popular this year, I wasn’t sure how I felt about the trend. My mother-in-law wore nothing but caftans for much of her last 20 years.

Since I thought they made her look sloppy, I’ve always equated the look as unkept. The last thing I ever wanted to do was imitate it.

However, being somewhat fashion conscious and seeing how comfortable such tops looked, I decided to give them a try. My first purchase came from the Curations line on Home Shopping Network. It is called the Print Top with Batwing Sleeves, see more.

The top came in a limited variety of hot designs, but they were undeniably striking and beautiful. They included a leopard print, a multi-colored tie-dye, a brown tie-dye, an orange paisley, a turquoise paisley and a purple snake print. Made from 100% polyester, the top looks and actually feels like silky satin on the skin.

Curations Print Top

Its featured boat neck is flattering on most women’s necklines. The sleeves are cut like a batwing and drape beautifully to show off wrist jewelry. The bottom is cut straight across at an average tunic length of 27″.

The Print Top with Batwing Sleeves could be a good multipurpose top. It fits loosely for ease of movement. It is perfectly designed for wearing as a swimsuit cover, but could be equally charming over a pair of jeggings, skinny jeans or even a slim pencil skirt.

It comes in two sizes ‘” Missy and Women. Missy cuts are supposed to fit from size 2 to 18 while the woman’s cut is for size 18 and up. This is where the trouble with this top begins.

I found that the cut, designed to fit such a wide range of sizes, looks good on women who are at the high end of the scale but not so much on those at the low end.

I purchased the Woman’s size as suggested by the sizing chart. It was huge on me. I could have fit both my daughter and myself inside of it.

Consequently, the top fulfilled my worst fears. It looked unkept and sloppy.

I chose the multi-colored tie die and the print was absolutely beautiful. It had sufficient colors within it that it could be worn with just about anything. That was, in fact, the best thing about the top next to how it felt on the body.

The fabrication was silky smooth. One could almost feel like they were wearing nothing at all.

I also loved the length. It did look good over my skinny jeans and leggings. However, I found the sleeves a bit too pointy and rather annoying.

Additionally, while it appeared to be easy to care for, washing instructions advised it be hand washed and laid flat to dry. I prefer things that can at least be washed on gentle cycle in my washing machine and fluff dried. I’m a creature of habit and don’t like extra steps.

I purchased the top when it was a Today’s Special Value so I got it for less than $40. However, it normally retails for $49.99, which I feel is too high a price for it.

Batwing Sleeves

Curations is a brand sold on HSN. I’m uncertain whether it is sold anywhere else.

With everything working against it, I returned the top and got my money back. It simply wasn’t worth keeping.

Here is my summary review:

Fit: 0 stars. The one size fits all concept really doesn’t work well. A size 2 can never wear the same garment as a size 18, no matter how it is cut.

Cut: 0 stars. The top is sloppy looking.

Comfort: 5 stars. The top was silky and cool on the body. It felt delicious on the skin.

Fashion: 5 stars. This top definitely fit within the perimeters of what is hot in today’s fashion.

Colors/patterns: 3 stars. What Curations provided in the way of patterns was pretty but they were for the most part, pretty much the same thing. I think a wide variety would have made it an easier sale.

Price: 2 stars. $49.99 is too high for this top. I’d say $29.99 is even pushing it. I’d prefer something under $20.

Quality: 5 stars. The fabric, cut, and material were all done with quality.

Reputation: 3 stars. I am not that familiar with the Curations line and after this bad experience chances are good that I never will be. This top was a miss on too many different levels ‘” cut, price, fit, etc. I won’t be eager to try the brand again.