An anointed oil is an oil that is consecrated to God and used for anointing. In the Bible, an anointing oil is one that has been set apart for use in sacred rites and ceremonies. It was also used as a symbol of power, dignity, and even royalty. 

Brief History:

Sacred oils are mentioned throughout Scripture, such as when Samuel poured it on Saul’s head (1 Samuel 10:1-2). And we find mention of “the holy anointing oil” in Exodus 30:23 where Moses was commanded by God to create an anointing oil from olive juice mixed with spices like cinnamon and myrrh.

Essentials of an anointed oil:

Essentials of an anointed oil

The anointing oil can be made in a variety of ways. The easiest and simplest way to make an anointed oil is by using an olive-oil base. To start, purchase an olive-oil base that has not been diluted with any other oils. To anoint the oil, add an anointing agent which can be frankincense or myrrh. For instance, if you want to anoint an anointed oil with frankincense, you would add a teaspoon of ground-up frankincense. If you want to anoint anointing oil with myrrh, you would add a teaspoon of ground-up myrrh. Visit this link exodus effect reviews for more information.

This type of anointed oil is the most simple and versatile. It can be used for anointing people during their dedication to God or at any other time. This anointing oil also works well for cleansing people or things from impurities, and it also has been used as a symbol of prosperity and power – though this type of anointing oil should only be used for sacred purposes.

Steps to making this anointed oil:

– You will need an olive oil base, some anointing oils of your choice (aromatic or fragrant), distilled water and bowls.

– Make sure the bowl is clean and dry, as this will prevent bacteria from forming on it during the preparation process.

– Fill an anointing oil bowl with olive oil and add your chosen essential oils to make an aromatic anointed oil or choose a fragrance such as sweet orange that has been diluted with grapefruit seed extract for fragrant anointed oil. Add an anointed oil to the olive oil base and stir gently with a spoon. These scents can also cover up smells and odors you don’t want associated with anointing rituals – like smoke from incense burning or stale air after a funeral service.

– Fill small bowls of water around your altar area so that when people are blessing themselves, they have enough fresh water at their fingertips for purification.

 – Once an anointed oil has been made, anointing with it at a ceremony can help to consecrate the person who is being anointed. This type of anointing also makes people feel more connected and spiritual, as they are given this sacred item.


Anointed oil is a vital part of many religious ceremonies and rituals. It’s important that the recipe you use to make your own anointed oil be made with pure ingredients, as any impurities will have negative effects on the spiritual properties of this sacred substance. Simply follow these instructions for how to make anointed oil at home in just minutes!