Cataloguing ebooks and classic books are the same. They all depend on the same theory. The only significant difference is that physical books eat up a lot of space at home and ebooks don’t take up any space at all.

Cataloguing books is not an easy job. You have to know the basics and ways to do. Whether it’s books at home or books on your cloud storage or computer, without knowing what to do, you can jinx it.

Before showing you ways of cataloguing, do you know what an ebook is?

What are ebooks?

What are ebooks

Ebooks are virtual book and have a minimal size. Even the most massive Ebook in the world is a few hundred megabytes only.

As ebooks are mostly free and very easy to get, people who don’t have ten physical books can have hundreds of ebooks on their device. The problem occurs when we can’t find the book that we are looking for.

Why do we need cataloguing?

Why do we need cataloguing

Were you ever in a situation when you needed a book but couldn’t find it or had to waste a lot of time looking for it and when you found it, it was too late?

This is not an uncommon scenario. Everybody who deals with books knows this struggle. This is why places that have a lot of books believe in cataloguing. If they don’t keep their books catalogued, it will take them a lot of time to find what they are looking for.

Imagine you’re in a library where there are no shelves, and all the books are piled up. Will you be able to locate the book you want? Not in a million years.

Even for ebooks, people who are more into them have tens of thousands of books in their collection. The biggest struggle they addressed is not finding the book in time. So, let us help you with a step by step process of how you can catalogue ebooks?

Step 1:

Name all the books at first. When we download ebooks, in most cases they get download with a weird name. So, the first step in cataloguing would be to name the books correctly.

Step 2:

Select the genre. People often say that they will directly organize websites where all of their books will be catalogued. Trust me if you don’t do the whole thing on your computer first, it will take ages.

So, first, create folders according to the genre of books. When you have the books named, you can search the names to find out the genre. Create a folder for each genre and copy the Ebook to that folder.

Step 3:

Now it’s time to set them up in alphabetical order. This bit is straightforward. All you have to is right click your mouse, put your cursor on sort by and select name. by name sorting means arranging the ebooks alphabetically. You don’t have to give any efforts to do that.


The comprehensive cataloguing depends on the naming of the books. If you make any mistake while doing that, the full cataloguing will fall. So, be very cautious while naming books.

Cataloguing will take time, yes. But once this gets done, you will be able to find any book necessary within seconds.