If you have got a new smartwatch, it will take time to understand all its features and functions. For the new users, smartwatches can be complicated because of its small screen and slightly different user interface than smartphones. As you know, smartwatches are capable of providing lots of additional features for the users. If you are pairing a smartwatch with your smartphone, you will be able to get all the notifications directly on your watch and you can control several features with the use of your smartwatch.

To make your smartwatch more useful, you will be able to install lots of additional apps on it. You can continue reading at our site if you want to know about the method to download apps on your smartwatch.

Download apps on Apple watch

Download apps on Apple watch:

 First of all, you will need to open the Apple Watch App on the paired iPhone.
 After that, you will select the App Store on it.
 Then you can search and select the app that you want to download on your smartwatch.
 You will be able to choose from free apps or paid apps to download and use in your smartwatch.
 When you will set up and pair Apple Watch with your iPhone, apps will be automatically downloaded and installed on your watch.
 After that, you can use it on your Apple watch with good compatibility.

Download apps on Android Wear Watch

Download apps on Android Wear Watch:

If you want to download apps on the smartwatch running on Android Wear OS, you will need to follow the steps given below for it:

 First of all, you will need to connect to your smartwatch to your Android smartphone.
 You can simply turn on the Bluetooth and can pair your smartphone with your watch.
 Then you will need to use Android wear app on your smartphone to browse apps on Google Play Store.
 You will find a separate section of Android wear apps on Google Play Store that will be compatible with your smartwatch.
 You can simply click the option of install on the compatible app and it will be e installed on your smartwatch that is connected with your smartphone.

Download apps directly on your watch

Download apps directly on your watch:

 You can also open Google Play Store on your smartwatch running on Android wear OS.
 You will need to connect your smartwatch with Wi-Fi or cellular internet network for it.
 After that, you can simply choose or search for the apps on the Play Store.  You will click the option of install and the app will be downloaded to your watch.

These are different ways to install and download apps on your smartwatches. There are different categories available for apps so you can browse lots of apps that are developed for smartwatches. You can continue reading at this site if you want to know about the compatibility features within smartwatches. With new apps on your smartwatch, you will be able to use several additional features and your watch will be more useful with it.