You know well about iPhone and Smartphones that you need to update them periodically. The same is for the smartwatch; it also receives updates regarding bug fixes and new features.

How will you update your smartwatch? There are two methods for that. The first one is that you update it automatically and while other is manual. On receiving notification from the manufacturer, you can choose any method to update your watch. 

Today here we will provide you with complete guidelines about how do I update my smart watch? We will also guide you about problems during watch updates on how to fix them.

How to Update Automatically?

How to Update Automatically

While you receive a notification for the update on your smart watch then push the option “Update Tonight” and confirm this action. Your watch will be updated automatically. All the updates received regarding software features and bug fixing will update in your watch.

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How to Update Manually?

You first connect your smart watch with an iPhone but make sure that your iPhone should have the latest version. After that, make is sure that iPhone is connected with the Wi-Fi.

  • Now put your Smart watch on its charging and do not remove it until updates complete.
  • Next, come to your iPhone menu list and go to the “My Watch” tab.
  • Press General and after that Software Update. If you see a red number text here, there is an update available for the software.
  • And if you see this message, “your software is up to date,” then there is no update. You do not require any action to do.
  • Suppose updates are available, and then download it. You will need to enter the password of your watch or iPhone.
  • The browsing wheel starts moving around on your watch screen. Try to keep your watch near the iPhone and also on its charging. Be careful; do not try to restart your watch or phone while updating. Your watch will automatically update after completion of a task.

How to Fix Issues During Smart Watch Updates:

  • First of all, there is a need to check that your iPhone has updated software.
  • Check the specifications of your iPhone and Smartwatch carefully.
  • If your watch and phone are compatible, you can follow the below steps to fix the issues.
  • It would help if you assured that your watch is on charging, and it is actively charging.
  • Now restart the watch and the paired phone by pressing the sleep/wake button after turning your phone and watching on by pressing the sleep button.
  • Now try updating your watch.

Final Thoughts:


Smartwatches are becoming an essential part of our lives and have many benefits in our busy life. The modern smartwatches are working the same as the laptop and smartphones. 

Like other devices, these smartwatches also require updates regarding the bug fixation and software features. In the above content, how do I update my smart watch we have provided you with simple ways to update your smart watch.