Have you ever wondered whether your mobile data remains on or off? When connected to a Wi-Fi, if you check the symbol and it says that the mobile data is on. Does it mean that you can still consume the data from your mobile plan? If you want to learn more about it, then you are in the right place. You will learn whether your mobile data is consumed when you are using Wi-Fi on your smartphone. To get additional information, you can check out every little detail so that you can learn how you can stop your mobile from consuming data from your sim card. Such things will help you to save some money as the mobile data plans can cost you a lot of money.

Does Mobile Data Work when Wi-Fi is on?

Does Mobile Data Work when Wi-Fi is on

In a sense, it turns it off in that Wi-Fi supersedes mobile data for virtually all data transmission while it is turned on. The mobile data remains connected for things like a multimedia message to be sent or gotten. Still, it is inactive and used practically no power while Wi-Fi is connected.

So, because Wi-Fi handles the data while it is on and connected, the battery is saved because Wi-Fi generally uses a considerable amount of less power than mobile data. You can turn off mobile data in the Settings menu, but then you would not have the option to send or get multimedia messages or use transporter benefits that require a mobile data connection.

How to Disable Mobile Data When on Wi-Fi?

Here are some of the steps that you can follow to turn off the mobile data if you only want to use Wi-Fi. You can learn more at https://www.pharmiweb.com/press-release/2020-07-10/rangextd-reviews-best-wifi-extender-2020, which ensures that you can use the internet on your device without any issues.

1. Enable Developer Options –

First of all, you have to enable developer options. Next, open the Settings application and go to the About Phone section. On some phones, you may have an ‘About’ device section. Under this section, you have to discover the Build number or the Build Information.

2. Disable Mobile Data –

Since you have developer options enabled, open the Settings application and tap Developer Options. Developer Options may be settled under another arrangement of settings. When you’re on the Developer options screen, scroll down to the Networking gathering of settings, and turn the ‘Mobile data always active’ option off.

Disable Mobile Data

After this option turned off, the device’s mobile data will be turned off when it’s connected to a Wi-Fi network. When your device loses connectivity to a Wi-Fi network, regardless of whether this is because the router has been turned off, the network isn’t working, or you’ve left a Wi-Fi network’s range, mobile data will be turned back on.

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