When the proteins in the body are broken down then it will produce amino acids known as homocysteine. A person who has a high level of homocysteine is also known as hyperhomocysteinemia, which can result in the damages to arteries and cause blood clots in the blood vessels. If someone has a high level of homocysteine then it usually means the deficiency in folate or vitamin B-12.

A normal person has a homocysteine level of 15 micromoles per liter in the blood. For higher homocysteine level in the blood are divided into three categories that are known as:

• Severe: more than 100 mmol/L
• Intermediate: between 30-100 mmol/L
• Moderate: from 15-30 mmol/L

Increase in homocysteine symptoms

Increase in homocysteine symptoms

There are no symptoms for Hyperhomocysteinemia in adults most of the time but in children, it can be seen. In most cases, the symptoms can be different and it might be too subtle that some people might not even notice it.
For a better understanding of the issues, most doctors will recommend you to get a homocysteine test that will help in understanding whether you have a vitamin deficiency or not. There are some symptoms that you can look for in order to check whether you have a vitamin deficiency or not.

Symptoms for folate deficiency

• Tongue swelling
• Growth Problems
• Fatigue
• Mouth Sores

Symptoms for the deficiency of vitamin B-12

• Dizziness
• Fatigue
• Weakness
• Mood changes
• Pale skins
• Mouth Sores

What can be the reason for high homocysteine levels?

If you want to get a better understand regarding the cause of high homocysteine level then you need to learn about the various factors that contribute to it. It can be caused due to the deficiency of vitamin B and folate that might lead to hyperhomocysteinemia.

There are other factors that also cause a risk of homocysteine can be due to low thyroid hormone levels which is not good. It can also happen due to kidney disease or certain medications. This can also happen due to genetic issues or psoriasis.

How to diagnose homocysteine levels?

Do you want to find out whether you have high levels of homocysteine or not? If you do, then you can get the help of your doctor to recommend a blood test. With the help of a simple blood test, you can determine the blood available in your bloodstream. By the tests, you can also determine if you have a vitamin deficiency in your blood or check if there are any blood clots.

To conduct the test properly you have to fast for a few hours before taking the test. This is because there are some medications that might affect the results. Also, talk to your doctors about the medications before taking the test so that you can avoid the ones that might affect the results. The Pyridoxal hcl powder is an effective medicine against homocysteine.

Treating the hyperhomocysteinemia

For the treatment of homocysteine one of the best medications available in the market is Pyridoxal hcl powder. It has shown some effective results for the treatment. You can also get vitamin supplements from the doctor to improve your health.