The Agency is a game coming out for the Playstation 3 and the PC. It is being published and developed by Sony Online Entertainment, LLC.

Ever since James Bond has been around, many have been obsessed with the idea of being a super spy. Battling the forces of evil while the common public have no idea that their lives have just been saved. Now PS3 and PC gamers will have the chance to do just that. Or they can choose to be a mercenary and disrupt all the work that the good spies are doing.

The Agency: Features


According to the SOE press release the Agency will be a fast paced online shooter for gamers who enjoy everything from Metal Gear Solid like sneaking and infiltration to the less subtle Gears of War full out assault with guns blazing, more helpful hints.

The multiplayer game will allow gamers to hook up through the internet to take on missions around the world, collecting intelligence, getting rid of crime bosses and assaulting strong holds along with lots of player-versus-player content.

The world, the press release states, will be persistent meaning that when players take a break away from the game, the world that they play in may end up changing.

The Agency will let gamers choose from two sides: Mercenary or Spy. These will be the two factions that are at a persistent war in the game. As the player progresses they will be collecting gadgets, weaponry, accessories, gear and aliases to unlock different areas in which they will be able to complete more missions.

Spies and Mercenaries will also collect non-player characters that will complete missions even while the player is not playing the game. These NPCs can be traded or auctioned off to other players of The Agency.

The Agency: Covert Ops

While gamers wait for The Agency to ship for their PS3 or PC, they can play The Agency: Covert Ops, the social media version of the platform and PC game. Much like many other social media games, players must wait to acquire enough “cover” to do missions and they gain experience and wealth to level up and create gear and technology for their characters.

Covert Ops is not all clicking though. It offers several mini games that are quite good. Bomb defusing is a matching minigame. To get intel, players will have to do a search-and-find game and to gain entry to computers or other electronic devices, players have to scan keyboards to see where fingerprints are and unscramble words based on what keys have been pressed.

While this game is not what its PS3 and PC counterpart will be, it will help fill at least some time between now and when the real game ships.