When you play any game, you will learn that there are certain types of glitches in it. While playing online games, most players face issues with the ping. As you already know that when the ping goes high, then your game starts to lag, and you cannot play properly.

In the case of high ping, you might not be able to move in the game. When you have very high paying, then it can also make you go offline and can risk getting killed in the game. Such things can spoil the experience, and you cannot enjoy your favorite online games.

So, if you want to understand how the servers affect the ping and why you should focus on changing your servers, then you are at the right place. By implementing the right method, you can resolve these issues and enjoy playing your favorite online games.

Why Are Game Servers Important?

Why Are Game Servers Important

As you already know that games are launched in several countries. If all the players join at once, then it can cause a burden on a single server. It is because millions of players play a single game. It means that you can come across many players in the game.

So, to overcome the issue, the gaming company has introduced servers in every country. For instance, people find that every country has its server where the players join it.

You can also change the servers while playing the game, but it can cause issues with the high ping. So you need to realize these things and how you can reserve resolve the issues with the high ping.

What Are The Top Game Servers?

Here are some of the ping servers you can find in most games. You should learn from http://pingserverstatus.com/ so that you can continue to play your favorite game without any issues.

Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is one of the top servers where you can find players from the southern part of Asia. You can find the ping at the server is quite low, and you can easily connect it if you wish to change the server and play with other players. You’ll often find that the top players are from southern East Asia.


Korea is another top server and the gaming community. It has many top-level players where you can find great challenges. You can join this server, which has good connectivity.

EU West

EU West is amongst one of the top servers. You can find out that many players join the server to play the game. You can find players active in the server during the night time. So, you can try this server, which is active players all the time.

Northern America

The northern American server is also an active one. You can find many real players on the server. The ping at the server is quite good. You can check out the ping test and learn about the ping on the server, which remains under a hundred. Anything which is under 200 is quite good to play the game.



Asia is another top server which you can choose while playing online games. It has one of the maximum numbers of players for online gaming. You can try out this server, which has good ping.

You can check out http://pingserverstatus.com/, where you can learn the right methods to change your ping server. Such things ensure that you select the right service where you can enjoy playing your favorite online games without any type of problem. It will ensure that you get the low ping and continue to play it without any problems.