Elliot Enterprise Solutions has brought the oldest way to study into the 21st century with Study Cardz Content Manager, an electronic flash card program. Nurses and medical students have countless ailments, prescriptions, and symptoms to memorize in a short period of time. In the past, they would input the data on traditional 4×6 index cards, now they can utilize virtual index cards.

Time Saver

Study Cardz program allows medical students to simply input the data in a variety of forms – image, sound, and text – and with a simple click of the button can test themselves countless times. Students buy the program and share their information because photos, text, and sound can be imported from your computer. Medical students can share the workload of inputting the data and in moments can begin studying for exams and tests. Input of the data is time consuming but once it is saved, medical save time because the self tests are random and they no longer have to fumble with paper index cards. Students will have their study aid easily accessible on their laptop, find more info.

Medical Students


Study Cards v3 allows medical students to input photos from their computer or the Internet. The internet has a myriad of medical photos available for students to download to assist them in their studying. In the past, students would do a quick sketch or have a variety of books open to study for an exam. However, they can simply input a picture to show an image of cirrhosis or a healthy heart.


Medical students are bombarded with reading and they must learn quick how to decipher the information. Students can quickly input important data from an electronic medical book into the Study Cardz program with a simple click of a button. They have the option of choosing their font size, font color, and font style for their personal preference.

Cards for Medical Students

Index Card Appearance

Mundane white index cards are an option with the Study Cardz but it is only one of many. Students can study with a sunset on their electronic flash card or may choose to use yellow index cards for ailments, blue cards for diagnosis, and pink cards for prescription. Students have many easy options to change the appearance of the virtual index card for their individual study needs. Some medical students prefer black and white electronic flash cards, while others prefer to color code the index cards.