Curly hair is an amazing thing. It dances and bounces with its own life, its carefree attitude making you feel more at ease with your own, no matter how straight or poofy it may be. But sometimes curly hair can be a challenge to work with – there are so many different types of curls that each requires its own unique styling technique! And if you have long hair, even more so – the length means lots of time spent on creating those perfect curls and keeping them in place all day (or night).

How To Get Perfect Heatless Curls?

Getting perfect heatless curls is actually super simple! You just have to brush your hair with a wide-toothed comb until it’s smooth and separate it into sections. Next, wrap the sections around themselves by holding them in place with bobby pins. Continue this process until all of your hair is in sections. There are also a few easy ways to get perfect curls without using any heat and this article will explain those ways to you.

1. Using a Headband

If you take a headband and twist it until the band itself becomes large enough to cover your whole head, then wear it while sleeping, this will give different effects depending on the type of headband. If you use a thicker and more durable material like leather or cloth, you can get wavy curls. However, if you use flimsy material like plastic or paper, then you will get loose waves. When you wish to learn furthermore information about Perfect Heatless Curls, you must sneak a peek at heatlesscurls website.

2. Wrapping Hair around Your Fingers

Take a strand of your hair and wrap it around one of your fingers. Then pin it in place with a bobby pin. Repeat this process until all of your hair is wrapped around your fingers so that you can create curls without heat!

3. Pin Curls

Another easy way to get perfect curls without using any heat is to make pin curls. To do this you will need a good amount of hairpins, bobby pins, and curling iron with large barrels. Take your hair and pin each section up so it won’t be in the way while you curl the rest of your hair. Then take a section of your hair that is the same size as your curling iron barrel and curl each piece with the curling iron. Once you have curled all of your hair, take out the bobby pins holding it up and let it fall naturally to make bigger curls.

4. Using a sock bun

You will need a sock to do this. Cut the sock open so you can take out the little ropes inside it and make a larger hole for your hair. Then, put all of your hair in a ponytail and pin it to the top of your head with bobby pins. Stick the sock over your ponytail and let go of your hair so it falls into the sock. Then use bobby pins to keep your hair inside the sock and let it stay in overnight to get perfect curls without heat!


It can be difficult for long-haired ladies to get the perfect curl without using heat. With this article, you’ll learn how to create curls in your hair by dividing them into sections and brushing them out before wrapping them around each other with bobby pins. Give these techniques a try tonight or tomorrow morning! You won’t regret leaving your curls in overnight because they’ll last much longer that way and there’s no need for any harmful chemicals!