Boarding, Dog Daycare, Grooming, Training, Swim Lessons and a Retail Shop for Dogs

Urban Tails in Houston, TX offers everything a dog could want including pet services like dog daycare, boarding, grooming, dog training, a retail center, and a swimming pool. I took my dog there to be groomed after I spoke with Urban Tails about hand-stripping – yes, they actually hand-strip – and grooming of my English Cocker Spaniel. I was thrilled to learn more their dog groomer had experience with the breed which so few groomers in the greater Houston, TX area do not.

Prior to going to Urban Tails, my dog experienced improper dog grooming techniques because previous groomers did not seem to understand what an English Cocker Spaniel should look like nor did they listen to my instructions (or look at the photos I had provided); however, Marina at Urban Tails pet resort in Houston, TX was different. She actually knew what she was doing and had plenty of experience doing it.

Dog Daycare

Marina not only takes pride in her work but she wants each customer to be satisfied so she will even phone a customer if she doesn’t understand the instructions 100%, and she verifies with the dog parent before doing anything. Now how many groomers in Houston, TX do that? Marina not only hand-strips my dog but she showed me which tool to buy so I could hand-strip him myself at home to help his coat in between his grooming appointments.

But what is most impressive is that Marina (at Urban Tails pet resort in Houston, TX) is a master at hand scissoring. She can actually achieve the same look with scissors that a clipper can, but with hand-scissoring there are no shaving marks or demarcation lines. Instead the fur is blended which makes it look more natural. Whenever I pick Euri up, I inspect him (after he stops jumping on me that is), and if I need Marina to cut a bit more (especially in the leg area where Euri tends to pick up burs and stickers), she does that without hesitation. The Groom Shoppe (at Urban Tails pet resort in Houston, TX) even gives Euri his lunch: his baggy filled with holistic kibble and treats.

I love how the staff at Urban Tails pet resort in Houston, TX is so friendly towards the dogs. Now you’d think that anyone working in the pet industry would be an animal person, but you’d be surprised at how many people we’ve met that really aren’t dog-friendly. After grooming, Euri comes out into the hall and is able to run free at the front of Urban Tails pet resort in Houston, TX (where the reception desk and retail center are located), because they have a dog gate that opens inwards to ensure no dogs get out. Urban Tails pet resort in Houston, TX even has a low couch in which dogs (and humans) can sit while waiting.

There is a plethora of parking which is convenient, and there is grass along the sidewalk so dogs can do their business before and after getting groomed. If you have a hard-to-groom breed (or even an easy one), then look no further than Urban Tails pet resort in Houston, TX.

Check out some of their fun dog daycare activities while you’re there too, like dog art where dogs put their paws in paint and create a masterpiece for their humans, holiday parties, and hikes to the local park (weather permitting). And if you have a puppy, why not take advantage of the free puppy swim lessons?