If you own a junk removal business, you are probably looking for the best ways to get more leads. Luckily, there are several strategies that work.

One of the most effective marketing tactics is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It helps your junk removal website rank high on Google search results.

1. Create a Lead-Gen Website

The best junk removal marketing is a comprehensive advertising plan that makes your business a household name in the area you serve. You need to stand out from your competitors by offering something unique that sets you apart, like a guarantee or competitive prices.

One way to get started is with a lead-gen website that can deliver leads 24/7. A good lead-gen website will have conversion opportunities that capture leads at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

A lead-gen website also needs a great lead form that collects email addresses and other information about your prospects. Without this information, you won’t be able to send qualified leads to your sales team to convert them into paying customers.

A successful lead-gen website will continuously change and optimize to meet your visitors’ wants and needs. It will always have multiple content offers and CTAs, so you can test which ones are generating results. Ultimately, a lead-gen website will help your business grow by creating a steady stream of leads that you can then convert into cash.

2. Get Reviews

There are a few things that make or break a junk removal business, and word of mouth is one of them. Offering your existing customers an incentive to refer you to their friends, neighbors and family is a great way to increase your junk removal business.

Another strategy that can help you get more junk removal leads is to list your business on review sites. People trust online reviews more than referrals, so having a few positive ones will give your business an instant credibility boost.

Using social media to market your business is also an excellent idea. Facebook and Instagram can both be a great way to reach your target audience.

Canvassing your local area is a great way to generate junk removal leads, but it’s important to do the research on your demographics before you begin. For example, if you’re looking to reach retirees, the newspaper may not be the best advertising option, but a targeted ad on Instagram could work well.

3. Improve Your Google Business Listing

If you want to attract more junk removal leads, you should make sure that your business shows up in search results for potential customers who need your services. This is where your Google Business Listing comes in handy!

Once you have verified your business and set up a Google Business Profile, it’s time to optimize it for local SEO. This includes adding your location, contact information and business hours.

You should also provide photos of your business, as these help potential customers in deciding if they should hire you or not. You can also add a QR code to your Business Profile so that customers can scan it and get more information.

Google Ads, also known as PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising, is a great way to generate junk removal leads. These ads allow you to target customers by their demographics, such as age, location and interests.

4. Networking

If you want to grow a successful junk removal business, you need a strong marketing strategy. This will help you inform your customers about what you offer, build a reputation for your junk removal brand, engage with your target market and increase the number of junk removal jobs you get.

Before you can launch any junk removal marketing strategy, you must understand your audience’s demographics and their needs. This will help you determine what strategies will be effective and how much they should cost.


One way to do this is by doing a SWOT analysis. This will give you an idea of what your company does well and where it could improve. It will also help you identify any weaknesses, opportunities or threats that may exist in your business.