Many people complain about their headphones not working on one side of the ear. Some think that it might be due to the bad quality of the headphones while some say that it is because they do not take proper care of the headphones. If you are also facing this issue, then you might want to find more information about these issues. Generally, most branded earphones come with a warranty on them, so you can check if the headphones are still under warranty period and get them repaired for free. Here are some of the basic information you need to have about the headphones.

Is there a fix for this problem

Is there a fix for this problem?

The plug of the headphones might get damage due to the rough use of the headphones. So you can cut the earphone jack and replace it with new ones. If the headphones work when you bend the jack at certain angles then you can use tape over it. You can use the tape on it in such a way that it will retain the position. It is because the joint of the wire might be broken and using the tape will help in attaching them together.

What is the reason behind this issue?

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• Headphones cord might be damaged –

The cord of the headphones might get damaged over time. By repairing the wires you can fix the issue with the headphone. The cord can get damage if there is any stress or strain on the wire. That is why you need to store them properly when you are traveling.

What is the reason behind this issue

• The thin coating on the headphone can cause trouble –

If the coating on the headphone is not done properly then the chances are that the headphone will not work for a long time. The less the coating on the headphone, the more easily it will get damaged. So you need to prefer a headphone which has a greater quality of coating, to avoid facing any kind of issue.

• Issues at the connection of headphones –

You have to check the plug of the headphone as it might get damaged when you do not use the headphone properly. For instance, if you often forget that you are wearing headphone then you might stand up quickly which can cause strain to the headphone jack. So this is another reason why one side of the headphone stops working.

• Use of bad quality materials –

If you buy the headphone from an unknown company, then its quality might not be as good. The headphones made from cheaper products can cause a lot of issues. So you should prefer the help of a branded company for headphones.

These are some of the things that can provide you clarity about the issues with the headphones. You can visit and get all the details about the headphones. Find products with a warranty on them, so that you can get free repairs or replacement if any issues arise.