Have you experienced in the construction industry? Then you will surely know about what is MEP design? But if you are a new one to that, then we are here to assist you with MEP design.

MEP means mechanical, electrical, and plumbing system. You can implement this system in your house, office, and factories. There are many MEP designing tools available in the market, but excellent software is MEP CAD.

When you have a preplanned design of any building, then it becomes easy to estimate cost. Stay here with us in our article about what MEP design is for a clear understanding of it.

What is MEP Design?

What is MEP Design

In the past, the MEP design had been done manually. With time computer-aided designs were introduced that are more reliable.

To understand MEP in a better way, we will explain it in detail. MEP includes three parts.

• Mechanical
• Electrical
• Plumbing

What is Mechanical Mean?

In mechanical portion covers the HVAC system. It deals with planning environmental factors for the living of human beings and any machinery.

You can develop and design ventilation of air, heat, and air conditioning to provide you fresh environment.

You can preplan your home, office, or factory’s mechanical system by using MEP CAD tools. It allows you to know what will cost and does that design suitable or not.

What is Electrical Mean?

It is necessary to arrange the electricity supply to your daily using electrical appliances and AC. So you can take help from the MEP CAD tool and can design the electricity for your building.

You can build a better electrical system that ranges from 150 to 500 volts, how you will connect the primary circuit with another electric wiring in different rooms.

What kind of load you have, and what type of wire should use. You also planned for the appliances and what will be a load of your electricity.

You make a planned design of spreading wires in the walls, ceiling, and on the floor.

What is Plumbing?

What is Plumbing

Plumbing is the last part of MEP. It means the water system in your building how you will distribute water in different portions of your house.

MEP CAD tool has great features to set the water lines in your building and to know about their cost and how this system will work.

What will be the primary source of water, and where it will be placed in the building?

Final Thoughts:

You have gone through our article about what is a mep design. We have provided you with necessary detail about the MEP design and its meaning in a simple way.

With MEP designing tools such as MEP CAD, you can preplan a mechanical, electrical, and plumbing system. You can get their estimated cost and how they will work.

Manual working had been done in the past years, but many new tools are available in the MEP design market. I hope you have understood about MEP and MEP design.