Monoculars are used to see the objects clearer and brighter, especially under challenging conditions. But the performance of the monocular depends on the magnification of the monocular.

Monocular comes in different magnification ranges to see the image clearer. If you want to see some smaller objects clearly, you should prefer the higher magnifications, while lower magnifications can also use for simple objectives.

But a question arises in our mind how can we choose the right magnification, is there any helpful material to check the magnification before buying the monocular?

Of course, there is helpful material on the monocular itself, which helps you find the right magnification.

How can I check the magnification of monocular?

How can I check the magnification of monocular

When you buy a monocular, check it from its sides, you will see the monocular numbers, which shows a magnification of the monocular.

You will see the numbers such as 12x 50,  40×60 or any other number, representing the monocular’s magnification power.

What does it mean of numbers on monocular?

When we see the monocular numbers, we will see two numbers, such as 12 x 50.  Now how you will read the monocular numbers, and what is the meaning of these numbers.

What does it mean if monocular has 12 x 50 magnifications?

There are two numbers on the monocular the first is 12 while the other is 50; now, I will thoroughly explain both numbers one by one.

What does it mean the first number on monocular?

The first number represents the object’s size; it means how much larger that object you will see. When a monocular has the first number as 12, it will show you the object 12 times greater than the monocular’s original size.

If you want to see the objects larger, you should choose the larger number for complicated tasks such as stargazing or seeing in the depth of water or in laboratories. But you can go with a smaller number if you need it for normal routine use.

Monoculars come in various ranges from 8x to 40 x, but commonly using monoculars are 10x and 12x. But it depends on you which one you select according to the nature of the object you want to see with monocular.

What does it mean, the second number on monocular

What does it mean, the second number on monocular?

The second number on the monocular represents the diameter to show the image clearer and brighter. Larger will be the diameter of the object, clear will be its view.

The diameter number shows that the diameter in millimeters, for example, 50 means the diameter which the monocular will show of the observing object will be 50mm.

You should choose the monocular diameter according to the nature of the observing object. There are wide ranges of diameter in monoculars such as 40, 60, and many others.

Final Thoughts: Monoculars are the best tools that help us to see the smaller and farthest objects clearly. But you can only see the objects clearly when you have the right magnification. Magnification of the monocular can read by reading the numbers on the monoculars. You can visit this link to know more about Monocular and its offer for mobile phone.