GB WhatsApp is a modified version of the popular messaging app. It offers several new features, such as better security and customized themes. You can associate several accounts with one mobile number. It also allows you to send messages to groups. But how does it differ from the original version of WhatsApp? Let’s take a look! Here are some features of GB WhatsApp that you might find useful. They are listed below:

GB WhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp

The GB WhatsApp application is a third-party program that adds features that the official version of WhatsApp does not offer. Some of the more popular mod versions of WhatsApp include automatic replies, removing the “forwarded” tag, support for third-party video players, and a video file limit of 50MB. They also include customization options such as changing the font style and theme, and you can even send audio files up to 100 MB!

It offers superior security

GB Whatsapp has many benefits over official WhatsApp. One of the main advantages of this app is that it offers superior security. If you are concerned about privacy, GB Whatsapp allows you to block certain numbers or restrict how much time a user can spend on the phone. Using the application is easy and convenient. You don’t need to touch your phone to access it and you only have to enable the application.

It offers custom themes

GB WhatsApp offers the ability to change your app’s appearance by installing custom themes. To do so, you must go to the GB Settings option in the upper right corner of the screen. There, you will find an option called Download themes. This will show all of the available themes. You can then choose the best one by searching for it using the search option. There are also several other options to customize your whatsapp gb appearance.

It allows multiple accounts to be associated with one number

If you want to use multiple accounts of GBWhatsApp, then you can associate more than one account with your phone number. This feature is available only in the latest version of GBWhatsApp. It allows you to save contacts and schedule messages to be sent on a certain date and time. To schedule messages, simply go to the Message Scheduler option and input the contact’s name and number, as well as the time and date.

It offers a Last Seen module

GB Whatsapp offers a Last Seen module for security purposes, similar to a Last Known Window. It lets you know the last time a person was online and can be used to check who has been sending you pictures. This module can also block other users based on their IP address and block certain types of multimedia, such as images. If you don’t want to share personal information on WhatsApp, you can always delete your contacts.