They say an infant, though incapable of talking, is actually one of the most successful communicators. He gets what he wants, though his sole communication may be crying! Learning to have the ‘gift of the gab’ is not only relevant to the career of a salesman, but to each one of us. Remember we are selling all the time. We are selling to our parents, to spouse, to bosses, even to our children. We are selling ideas, products and services – and the only tool that helps us doing so is effective communication. Good communication not only gets us what we want to sell or buy, it also makes us memorable.

Self Improvement

One of the keys to be a good communicator fortunately starts with self knowledge. The following points are indicators of where you begin and show you the way to become a good communicator:

  • What do you know best? A good communicator would hold his audience mesmerized when he talks about a topic he knows best. So practice talking about any topic you know a lot about.
  • Are you a good listener? Not many of us are, in reality. But listening to others as well as your own voice could make you build more confidence when you are communicating.
  • Admit your follies. None of us are expected to be little masters in everything we do. We make mistakes when we speak and even pronounce a name improperly. When confronted with such issues, admit your ignorance plainly and simply. This could make you a more accepted communicator, see details.
  • Keep eye contact. Keeping eye contact with your audience tells them that you are convinced about what you are saying. Shifty eyes are a sign of lack of confidence.
  • Using harmless and non-hurting humor can make you an admired speaker. Clean humor can break the ice, reduce boredom as well as make you more congenial as a personality.
  • Mingle with the crowd. This helps you in knowing more about the issue that you are going to talk about.
  • Practice in front of a mirror to perfect your speech. You could rework on several areas of your speech if you keep the mirror as your witness.
  • Keep a pleasant and smiling face when you communicate to a group of people. This eases any tension in the room.
  • Follow a role model. Surely you have someone whose speeches and deportment you like. Try to emulate them, if your public speaking too.
  • Remember even the most seasoned and professional public speakers prepare their speeches beforehand. There are several ways to remember what you are going to say like index cards, etc., but you need to practice your speech several times at home, especially if you are a beginner at public speaking.

Having said thus far, the last but never the least important point to remember is that good communicators may not be born, but can be made also. This is possible only when you also listen to others as they communicate. This is your best tutorial to become a good communicator.

When it concerns a topic like learning to take control, as a step towards self improvement, let us discuss about people having ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder and their seeming incapability to think positively. It is apparent that ADD-affected people find it hard to disregard the feelings of frustration when it comes to facing daily challenges of life. Their overall negative attitude affects not just them but also people around them. If you are also affected by ADD here are some tips to improve yourself:

· Think more about your strengths rather than inadequacies. This in turn would in turn, keep you happy, content and satisfied.

· Take care of your health with good, nourishing and balanced diet followed by adequate physical exercise.

· Stop for a while and look around to enjoy the beauty and abundance of nature. Life does not seem that bad when you consider yourself lucky with what you have already.

· Stop being judgmental. When we are not too sure whether we are accepted or liked by others, we feel we know their thoughts. In case you think that people are negatively assessing you or talking behind your back, just stop and ask them instead of judging them. This can clear several doubts and apprehensions you have about people in general.

· Stop having absolute opinions. How often do you utter words like ‘never’, or ‘always’? Sometimes people fail in their mission, but this does not mean that they are complete failures and cannot deliver ever.

· Consciously refrain from negative thoughts. Negative thoughts usually have its root in the past or future, both of which are illusive. If you look carefully, there is nothing wrong with the present moment, and that is all that you have to live by. Focusing only on the present moment, can free your mind from negative thoughts to a great extent.

· According to Dr. Daniel Amen, most of us are victims of ‘ANTS’ or Automatic Negative Thoughts. Most reactionary and judgmental in nature, you have to consciously attempt to delete such thoughts from entering your mind.

· Resort to ‘touch’ therapy, where you not only hug and touch friends and family but appreciate a good hug yourself.

· Keep the company of happy, content and satisfied people. The company of children has great therapeutic value.

· Help others to help yourself. Join a voluntary organization to help others who really help from us.

· Stop ruminating over negative thoughts by getting busy physically and mentally with some other productive or solution-providing work.

· To be truly productive in a corporate world, take one day at a time, know your job and interact with fellow workers in a cordial and positive way.