If you’ve just started playing Grand Theft Auto V, there are several things you should know. There are many things you can do, including running and shooting, and you can even climb ladders from any angle. You can also do cool stuff like combay rolls and dives.


Several simple gameplay tips will help you get the most out of Grand Theft Auto V. First of all, it is important to listen to your characters’ conversations. This way, you will learn how to use certain weapons, items, and vehicles. Also, lowering the graphics settings will improve the game’s performance. You can also install the game on a SSD drive to speed up your PC. Lastly, you can clean your PC to free up space and remove bloatware.

Character stats

In GTA V, you can level up your character’s stats to make him or her better in combat and missions. Some of these stats are easy to level up quickly, while others can take some time to increase. Shooting, for example, increases very quickly and without much effort. In addition, stamina can be leveled up very quickly by playing sports, which are part of the side missions, Check out the post right here.

The game includes eight different Stats, each based on the player character. You can practice a particular Stat by repeatedly using it in-game. For example, Franklin will increase his stamina by a couple of points each time he runs eighteen yards, while Trevor will gain stamina by one point for every minute he cycles or swims. The more you use the stats, the better you’ll be able to do more.


If you want to get more side quests in GTA V, it’s important to understand the way sidequests work. In the main story, side quests don’t advance the story line. But, they’re a great way to experience the game’s world in a different way. You’ll find side missions in the form of “Stranger Missions” when you play online.

Some of the most interesting sidequests are those that involve killing people. They require guts, faith, and design know-how. But when they work, they’re worth celebrating. Fable 1 is a great example. It lets you marry Lady Elvira Grey in a graveyard, but you have to collect the body parts of another woman and resurrect her. Once you’ve done that, Lady Grey will fall in love with you.

Survival challenges

One of the biggest changes in the new Grand Theft Auto V is the introduction of new Survival challenges. Players can now take on the role of the infamous criminal gangster and survive in different environments. The game includes seven new maps and nine classic locations. Adding to its appeal, the new Survival challenges also feature bonuses, discounts, and free money.

Players start the game with health packs and body armor. Health and body armor respawn between waves. It’s recommended to memorize where these spawn points are to save time. Players can also level their strength stat, which affects their character’s melee strength and defense. A high level of strength can mean a higher chance of surviving.

Getting money in GTA V

In the early stages of GTA V, it can be hard to find money. However, there are a few ways to earn cash quickly. One of the easiest methods involves robbing armored trucks. This type of vehicle is easily visible on the minimap, and you can use your rifle or C4 to force the doors open. Once inside, the truck will contain cash. You can also kill security guards, which makes the robbery easier.

Another easy way to get cash is to loot armored cars. These cars will spawn in a cluster around Paleto Bay, Vinewood, Cypress Flats, and Little Seoul. You can loot them for instant cash rewards. The minimum cash reward is GTA$ 60,000.