Almost every person in these has smartphone because they make their everyday life entertaining and convenient. There are lots of features involved in a smartphone that allows it to work as a mini computer and allow you to handle your lots of work with great comfort. Apart from sending messages and making phone calls, there are lots of more features available in the smartphone that you need to understand in well effective manner at In order to enjoy all the features of your smartphone, it is essential to understand them and realize that how you can get most out of your device.

If you do not have much knowledge about smartphone and you are looking to know how to use a smartphone then here are some tips that can help you in best effective manner:

Setting up your new phone

Setting up your new phone

Before you do anything on your smartphone, it is essential for you to set up your phone and make it convenient for you to use. When you switch on your smartphone at first time then you will get the options to select your language and after clicking ‘start’ you can connect your phone to a Wi-Fi network. Now, it becomes easy for you to choose the right network for you and you can also enter the appropriate password to secure your phone. If you have already a Gmail address then you can sign in your Gmail account in your phone or you have to follow the instructions to create a new Gmail account in your phone. The Gmail account is required to store your data, back up your data as well as allow you to download new apps in your phone. Once you setup your device, then you will get a software update notification available in your phone and you can download and install the updates.

The navigation buttons and gestures

The navigation buttons and gestures

There are three touch-sensitive buttons on the Android devices at the bottom of the screen that is used to follow some specific work. Lots of Android devices are controlled by these three buttons that include the Back button, Home button and Overview button. All these three buttons have their different purpose such as back button is used to take you to back to the last thing that you did in an app and it helps to revert the last page in your mobile browser. In addition to this, holding the back button will take you to the menu where you can easily access to your favorite bookmarks and the browsing history. The home button will take you to your home screen and holding this button can activate the screen search which will pull up the Google assistant later. Last but not least, overview button has multitasking functions such as pressing the button will reveal a list of each and every active and open app on your mobile device. In addition to this, by double-tapping the button, you can jump straight back to your last used app without having any issues.

Multiple home screens

The smartphones allow you to manage several home screens as you can create shortcuts, and also able to create group apps for easy and convenient access. In your smartphone, you can also create, resize and also able to arrange the lots of widgets on the home screen in the best effective manner.

Quick setting bar

In your smartphone, the quick setting bar is also an easy and simple way to access your most used taggles and here you can also see all of your notifications and able to dismiss them. the quick setting bar always works, in the same way, no matter which version of Android you have in your smartphone.

So, with the help of these above-mentioned things, you may easily get to know how to use a smartphone in the best reliable way.