It is a high tech service apartment that has all the latest amenities it is located nearby Changi International Airport in Singapore. as it is located hot spot of the city all the amenities like shopping mall like a new mall, white sand and downtown east are just 500m away from the Parc Central Residences floor plan likewise Elise park Primary School, Hai Sing Catholic School and Overseas Family school are just located in the walkable distance. All the workplace spot is plotted in and around the Parc central Residence. This high-tech apartment is constructed and designed in such a way that it should easy to lead a life professionally and everything available nearby it.

Adorable Floor Plan of Central Residences:

It consists of stunning high-tech 600 units, every single unit differs from one another it varies from 1bedroom to 4 bedrooms. The cost of the unit varies accordingly, by which the buyer wishes to buy. Parc Central Residences Floor plan is ready to occupy by 2024.The single bedroom chargers little affordable than other flats and 4 bed is more expensive than the other two variants of the floor. The floor plan is at first entrance straight from it there is a live-in space to the right of the live-in area we can see the spacious master bedroom with attached bathroom, there is a common utility service area for another purpose.

Describing parc Cental Residence

Describing parc Cental Residence.

• Each unit is designed uniquely and with all the latest technology facilities like automatic door lock, fingerprint synchronizer, and all latest qualified materials are used to construct the building.

• The floor of each house is so attractive and gives a rich look, the wall is painted so attractively and pleasant which feels us stress-free and peaceful.

• We can feel the pleasant fresh air blow from the windows of the house. Now and then it’s highly maintained to keep the surroundings clean.

• The floor is so spacious to accumulate all the home necessities.

• The security system is well professionalized with all the latest technology for the safety purpose in Parc Central Residences Floor plan

• High-resolution hi-tech camera are installed in each unit entrance

• The kitchen is so spacious to keep all kitchen amenities and it is fully furnished with high-quality kitchen appliances.

• The water supply is done with a high quality connection so that the flow of the water will be even in all criteria from the basement to top floor

• The bathroom is fully finished with all the latest hi-tech water tap and shower. The floor of the bathroom is designed in such a way it should be slippery and should get dried soon, it’s easy to clean the surface area because the floor quality is very high we can clean them just by single water wash after every shower.

• The sanitary fitting inside the bathroom is very hi-tech and advanced which is a fully automatic wash. An outlet is provided in the wall to feel the fresh air inside the bathroom.

Amenities available interior of central Residency

Amenities available interior of central Residency :

Since it is located in the heart of the city it has all amenities around it but still, it has an exiting play area for the kids with all playing properties like swing, slide park, and much more activity help up for kids to hang out. Likewise, there is a separate walking track around the park where people can walk or jog to keep the body fit and healthy. The gym is also available inside the campus to maintain the physic. The garden area is well maintained with pleasant trees and plants. The garden is kept free from pollution and pesticide so that we have a pleasant look at the green garden with breeze oxygen from the trees of the garden.