The important thing to keep in mind when trying to lose weight is that the key to quitting any habit (be it smoking or eating too much) is determination.

If you lack in willpower you are likely to go back to your old mentality and start eating too much again, thus replacing your motivation with disappointment because you put the weight back on and didn’t stick it out. We all know how disappointment affects us and we turn to the one thing that comforts us the most, in this case it is likely to be food which sends us back into a vicious circle of lack of self-esteem and health issues.

I know that everyone seems to rant about exercise and a healthy diet and also understand how infuriating it is when you follow all of the instructions and don’t get anywhere. The thing is, there is no miracle cure. There is no quick fix that means you lose weight in two weeks, not large amounts anyway.

Lose Weight

You may only lose a pound or two for the first few months because your body is adapting to the changes and when you start to notice the changes is when they are at their highest. What I mean by that is that when you notice a change, you should keep going because the proverbial ball has begun to roll.

When TV shows claim to have the miracle cure for weight gain, they may as well say they have the nectar for everlasting youth. Yes there are certain medicines available on prescription but, and I say but, they are only available on prescription in extreme cases of obesity.

If there was a miracle cure for weight gain that wasn’t potentially dangerous, made the weight fall off you in a week and you could be one less person on the statistics list of the obese, do you not think the doctors would prescribe it to everyone?

Doctors don’t have obese patients who are suffering from heart disease because of their weight hanging around in waiting rooms, while they debate about whether they should reveal their secret liquor to Mrs. Watson because there’s a chance she might die if they don’t.

It doesn’t exist. They provide medicines to people who are at severe risk of becoming ill through their weight and the results of the weight loss far outweigh the potential side effects caused by the medicine, look at this site.

The only way to lose weight is to stick at it, curb your cravings with fruit or vegetables, and most importantly draw up a timetable of when you plan to exercise. I understand that finding the motivation to do it is extremely difficult but once you get into a routine it becomes easier and easier. Finding the motivation is half of the battle. The rest is a walk in the park.

A good tip is to try and avoid foods that are high in protein and carbohydrates. Body builders eat these foods to build up muscle so it’s not a good idea to add them to your diet when trying to lose weight. The other obvious ones are sugar, saturated fat etc.

If you stick to fresh fruit and vegetables you will become a lot healthier and you’ll know that you’re diet is working by default.