For many reasons, you have to keep your smartphone secure. If you lost your phone or it was stolen, all the data will get lost. Even the personal information from the browser you visited might be hacked. You can use some tips to secure your phone.

• Use a strong password:

You can use a strong password. Most of the phones have these features of security lock and scan your fingerprint for additional security. Use a password, which is a combination of numbers, alphabets, and special characters, couldn’t be easy to recognize. Now, most phones also offering face unlocks, however, a fingerprint scan is much better than it. It is a possibility to face unlock that, with your photo, anyone can unlock your phone. By this, you can secure your smartphone.

Secure your apps

• Secure your apps:

Many of the smartphones have this feature. Now you can separately lock apps with your fingerprint scan or password. This would help you to increase your security for your information and content, while at the time when you are showing something to someone. You can have this feature from other part apps.

• Get two-factor authentication:

Users don’t want to use this feature as it seems difficult most of the time. This feature needs to authenticate with a password added to a unique authentication code through an app or from OTP. When you enabled this feature, no one can have an approach to your information in the absence of the authentication key.

• Get security apps:

Security apps in your smartphone, as your smartphone is vulnerable to information theft just like your computer. To secure your smartphone it is advisable to install security apps just you have for your computer. Most of the smartphone brands offer these apps to get install in your smartphone with fingerprints or passwords and with many other features.

Have trusted apps

• Have trusted apps:

Offers a feature committed to examining the apps which are there in the play store for all. This feature restricts most of the harmful apps before they get by the users. Whereas, you might download apps from other sources which could be malicious or harmful. So, disable installation from other sources to secure your phone.

• Always update apps and phone :

Is one of the steps through which you can how to secure your smartphone. But most of the users don’t use this feature. Google always send regularly security updates to most of the smartphone brands, so they can notify their users. For improving your phone’s security and performance, it is recommended to always install updated apps and have a track on it.

• Lock SIM card:

After having a screen lock might be not helpful if someone takes off your SIM card from your device and having it on another device. So, it is better to use a SIM card lock in the pattern of a PIN that will be entered whenever you turned on your phone to have access to the network.

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