Tether, formerly Tetherberry, is a great product for those who own a Blackberry and some times want Internet on our laptop, but don’t want to pay $60 a month for a data card.

I own a Blackberry, and I was already paying for data, about $30 before tax for unlimited data if fact. However, I was using about 100mb each month. Actually, they tell me that unlimited data means 5gb, but in any case I was not really taxing the network.. (5gb restricts people from streaming video.) If you are like me, rarely will you reach 5gb on your Blackberry.

Free WiFi

You heard about using your phone to tether your PC, maybe even tried to connect it to you, but you are not a technical wizard. It is actually cumbersome to do, some scripts and stuff. If you are like me, you just want to pay someone to do it for you. Tether has the perfect solution.

For a one time fee of $49.99 (or some times as low as $19.99 – 24.99 when they have a sale), can painlessly link up your laptop at 3G speed. Just type in tether and coupon code on Google and you might get lucky. This is the same speed (3G) and data limit (5GB) as the data card that you can purchase from your service provider, except it does not cost $60 a month. If you are like me, you will need a USB cord. More sophisticated people can tether via bluetooth.

Go to the website, tether will download to your PC and it downloads to your Blackberry and you are ready to go visit here. A Tether icon should appear on your desktop, and if not check the start menu. Also, in the applications folder of your Blackberry should appear a Tether icon. Connect your Blackberry with a USB cord to the computer. If one or the other is missing, Tether will alert you. It literally that easy.

Tether is a terrific product. It works everywhere that you can get a phone signal, which is a lot easier than finding a free wifi spot on the road. I took Amtrak from Chicago down to St. Louis and I got the internet for 90% of the way down. It also works for the Android, and they may be working on a product for the Samsung Galaxy and other tablet phones. I have had tether for many years and have not been disappointed. In fact, Tether is a frequent backup to my DSL provider at home.

If you need hi-speed internet and are considering Starbucks or McDonald’s, I hope you read my article.