Nowadays, with the improvement of technology, it is obvious to run the latest and updated Microsoft operating system on your computer device but there are lots of people still refuse this. The Window 10 is considered as the latest and most popular version of the Windows that is liked by lots of people but some of the people also prefer to run the old and reliable Window 7 operating system.

Window 7 Or Window 10

If you are confused that among Windows 7 and Windows 10 which one is better for you then it is important for you to shave proper knowledge and understanding about their features and benefits for you. It is beneficial for you to visit to get know about the right operating system for you. Here are some biggest areas that you need to cover if you want to find the one best operating system for your computer device.

The look

Window 7 works in the traditional way and it is quite easy to understand and operate by all people. Most of the people are familiar with the look and design of the Window 7 and it is very easy for them to operate this system and it does not offer any distraction to people during their work. But when it comes to Window 10 then it has the ability to change the color and also have lots of customized elements that can give you high pleasure. But it is quite difficult for every person to operate this operating system and it consumes their lot of time and effort to completely understand this operating system.

The Features

The Features

The window 10 operating system always has the dedicated notification entre that is generally known as the Action center. On the other hand, in Window 7, notifications generally appear on the taskbar. In Window 10, there are quick toggle switches for sharing files, network setting and for screen brightness that you cannot found on the Window 7. Apart from this, Cortana is also an important difference in both operating systems as Cortana is an important part of the new version of the Windows and offers you lots of benefits. It can support the ad blocking extensions and also continue the web pages from your phone in a best effective manner.

Security and Support

In Window 10 there are lots of features and security functions available that offer you higher safety from the threats of virus. In window 10, you can found lots of fresh security features and have the ability to sync your activities across the device in an effective manner.

Compatibility and Gaming

Despite all other features you get in the Window 10, the Window 7 has better compatibility that is loved by lots of people. It can support lots of apps and games and allow you to enjoy the high level of entertainment in your computer device.

So, if you want more information about the better operating device then it is beneficial for you to explore and fulfill all your needs and requirements in an effective manner.