If you’re a carpet cleaning business owner looking to increase your revenue, commercial carpet cleaning marketing can be a powerful tool for you. It can help you generate more leads and turn those into paying clients.

Before you get started, be sure to establish a clear USP for your business. That way, prospects can easily see why you’re the best option for them.


One of the most important elements of your commercial carpet cleaning marketing plan is your branding. This will help you attract new customers and compete with other local cleaning companies.

Make sure your logo is well-designed and prominently displayed on your website, vans, advertisements, and social media pages. It should represent your quality and professionalism.

It should also be simple enough for your customers to understand. You don’t want to over-brand your business, but you do need to be recognizable!

You should also use high-quality images in your ads, including pictures of before and after cleanings. This will increase perceived value and retention of memory.

In addition, ensure your phone number and website are clearly visible on your Facebook and Instagram business pages and profiles so you can easily get your prospects to contact you! Finally, use professional financial management software to deliver detailed digital invoices to your clients after your project is complete. This will help you maintain a steady stream of revenue and streamline your cash flow!

Social media

Social media is a powerful marketing tool for any business, and commercial carpet cleaning companies can take advantage of its potential. Not only can it attract new clients, but it can also increase brand awareness and establish a reputation as an expert in the field.

Whether you’re a new business or an established rug cleaner, social media can help boost your credibility by sharing testimonials and photos of your work. You can also use a referral program to encourage customers to recommend you to others.

Instagram: Post a variety of photos on your account, using hashtags so your posts show up in a search. You can even ask your followers to tag their friends, increasing your reach and engagement.

Facebook: Similar to Instagram, you can use the story feature on Facebook to post videos of your employees cleaning carpet and other images that can entice your audience. There are also ads available on Facebook that let you target specific users based on their demographics and interests.

Lead management

Whether you’re looking to get more leads for your carpet cleaning business or just want to improve your marketing strategy, a good lead management system can help. By creating a plan to sort contacts, track leads and follow up with them, you can keep them organized and convert them into real clients.

The best way to build a strong online reputation for your company is to encourage your existing customers to leave positive reviews and testimonials. This not only helps you attract new customers, but it also builds your credibility and strengthens your brand image.

You should list your services on your website and make it easy for leads to find out more about you and the types of cleaning you offer. You can include all of your routine services, like carpet cleaning, upholstery and area rug cleaning, as well as specialty services such as water damage restoration or air duct cleaning.

Keeping your online listings up-to-date is essential for any business. It allows you to appear in the local search results when people look for you in their area, and it makes it easier for leads to contact you with any questions they may have.


Your website should be a central part of your commercial carpet cleaning marketing strategy, as it is the first place prospects will visit before making a decision to buy from you. Make sure it’s fully optimized, mobile responsive, and contains information relevant to your business.

It also should include customer testimonials, before and after photos of cleaning jobs you’ve done, and a call to action that leads prospective customers to schedule a service appointment. These elements are important because they show your potential customers what you can do for them – and they help you build trust among your target audience.


Keeping your listing on online listing sites up to date is another key component of carpet cleaning marketing, as it’s a great way to boost your search engine ranking. Adding new pictures, updating your listing regularly, and asking happy customers to leave you a review will all improve your local search visibility.