Finding Cheap Car Rentals in San Diego is Easy If You Know How

Finding cheap car rentals in San Diego doesn’t have to be difficult if you have the right information. In addition, with the right strategies and techniques, you can even lower the rate on your next vehicle even more. Here are some tips and other information about getting cheap car rentals in San Diego.

Where You Won’t Find a Cheap Car Rentals in San Diego

San Diego is a unique city for renting vehicles in that prices can vary tremendously within each company and depending on location. Enterprise is found all over the city, however, their pricing isn’t standardized across each location. Enterprise can start as high as $39 a day on some locations, but at the same time have some of the lowest prices in the city. If you rent from Enterprise, you have to really watch their prices.

In general in San Diego, the airport charges more, except on the weekends with certain companies.

Where the Cheap Car Rentals in San Diego Are

There are three locations for Enterprise that are priced the best, those being the one located in the College area and is on 4930 El Cajon Blvd and it starts at $31 a day. The one in the Encintas area on 165 S El Camino Real starts at $32 a day, and the one in the Miramar East location on 9292 Miramar Rd starts at $33 a day.

Renting at the San Diego Airport Depends on Company and Date

In general, Hertz and National starts at $70 a day at the San Diego Airport and does not have cheap car rentals in San Diego. Avis starts also high, at $65 a day and also does not have cheap car rentals in San Diego during the weekdays.

Dollar starts as low as $31 at the San Diego Airport. Starting on Fridays and the weekends, Avis has cars starting as low as $19 a day, so if you rent on the weekend at the San Diego Airport, Avis might be something worth looking into.

Bargaining Brings Down The Price

If you don’t mind negotiating, one way you can get cheap car rentals in San Diego is through bargaining. Many companies allow their employees to negotiate different rates in order to book more deals and generate more business. Learning how to negotiate for cheap car rentals in San Diego can be very helpful.

Compare Prices Online

Prices do change sometimes, so checking online will help you make a decision on cheap car rentals in San Diego.

Having Online Discount Rental Coupons Save A Lot of Money

Depending on which company you rent from, you could save as much as 20% – 30% on your next vehicle or get free upgrades. This is a very easy way to get cheap rental cars in San Diego, so you should definitely look into getting online discount rental coupons.

Cost Free Memberships Save Money

Most places offer memberships to people, and when you sign up, you get offers sent to your email. Most of these offers aren’t given to the general public and can help in getting cheap car rentals in San Diego.

You should still compare them to the online discount coupons because sometimes the coupons still save more money.

Get a Reservation Early

San Diego is a busy city and cars tend to book fast, so if you don’t book early, you might not get a vehicle that day. Also, booking late causes prices to go up, so being late will cost you.

Prices Go Up During The Summer

Summer in general is a traveling season so prices will be going up. If you use the tips and techniques mentioned earlier, you could use this to bring the prices down and still get a cheap car rental in San Diego, this weblink:

What About Rental Insurance?

What About Rental Insurance

It is not always a bad idea to take collision coverage because it might save you money. You should read into this more to learn the pros and cons.

Lose Your Everyday Vehicle or Need a New One?

It is very common for people to get a rental vehicle because their everyday vehicle is no longer repairable or they are simply will need a vehicle in the future for other reasons.

If you potentially need to get a vehicle in the future, you should consider getting a used rental car because they only sell their best vehicles at great prices, and are well maintained.