When you first move into a new apartment, it’s important to spend the time to clean and prepare before you start living there. In Tampa, it might not be as fun as shopping for furniture or hanging out with friends, but getting your space ready will make it feel like home faster and help prevent the inevitable stress of moving in.

How to Clean a New Apartment in Tampa?

When you first move into a new apartment, you should prepare the space in several ways.

Wash the windows

Though you might not think it’s necessary, washing your windows as soon as possible after moving into a new apartment will help prevent dirt and grime from building up. Just make sure you do this before putting up any curtains or blinds.

Clean the kitchen appliances

While you’re in the process of moving everything in, give all of your kitchen appliances a thorough cleaning to make sure they’re free from any dust, debris, or leftover residue from manufacturing that could pose a threat to your health later on down the line. You don’t want to use an oven that hasn’t been cleaned properly before cooking dinner for friends!

Wash baseboards and window sills

Especially if you’ve just moved into a new apartment, the baseboards and window sills might be dusty and grimy with dirt that’s been building up since they were last cleaned. Take care of this right away to ensure your space remains clean and pleasant for weeks after moving in.

Vacuum all carpets and furniture

After washing the windows and cleaning apartment and all of your appliances, vacuum all of the surfaces in your home: carpets, sofas, chairs, and anything else you don’t want to live on top of or around for months without being cleaned. You want it as spic-and-span as possible!

Wash the walls

Though you might not think it’s necessary to wash the walls in a new apartment, doing so will ensure that your apartment is as clean and sanitary as possible from day one. Don’t leave your walls dirty until after everything else is done!

What are the Benefits of Cleaning a New Apartment?

There are several benefits of residential cleaning before you move in.

Clean Spaces are rewarding.

As humans, we all like to see what we’ve accomplished and known that our work has been worthwhile. By taking the time to wash and prepare your new apartment thoroughly, you’ll be able to enjoy knowing that all of your hard work has paid off.

Cleaning Your New Space before Moving In Helps Prevent Stress

Starting the process of unpacking and organizing your belongings can be very stressful, especially if you’re trying to do it all by yourself. But with everything clean and sanitized beforehand, there’s no need to worry about the condition of your apartment or whether or not you’ll be able to find the perfect place for everything.

Your new space will seem less “new” if it’s clean.

Of course, this is a good thing! After all, you’re moving into an apartment that’s brand new rather than one with someone else’s stuff in it! Having your space clean and inviting will help you feel more at home.


I hope that these short tidbits of information on how to clean a new apartment will help you with the daunting task of figuring out how to get your space spic and span before moving in.