CNC machining refers to the cutting process in which a computer-controlled machine cuts a workpiece. The process is not an exact science, but it is highly accurate, allowing for precision cuts. The number of axes in a CNC machine, as well as the number of tools involved, determine how complex a workpiece is. A typical job requires the use of up to 10 different axes, but in practice it will be much simpler to program a CNC machine to perform several jobs at once.

Process of CNC Machining

CNC Machining

CNC machining involves a combination of milling and turning processes. Unlike milling, turning uses a rotating workpiece to cut metal. In this process, the tool is brought against the rotating workpiece to remove metal chips or swarf. This process is also used for other purposes such as limits and fitting systems, inside cylinders, and boring. As it can be done with great accuracy, CNC machining is the best choice for many jobs.


A CNC machine can also be used to create specialty optical parts, which require extremely fine surfaces with close tolerances. The process begins with a CAD design, which is a 2D or 3D solid part. CAD software allows designers to create models, renderings, and technical specifications that can be sent to a manufacturer. Once the CAD design is complete, the CNC machine can begin the machining process.

Material and A Manufacturer’s Resources

Material and A Manufacturer's Resources

A CNC machine can automate almost any process, depending on the type of material and a manufacturer’s resources. The raw materials are fed into a machine, which then produces a finished part. A CNC machine can be highly complex, but it can also produce simple, high-quality parts that are cost-effective to produce. With enough time, imagination, and the proper software, a manufacturing company can achieve anything. When you expect a useful source about CNC machine, look at this website.

Precision CNC Machined Parts

CNC machining is a popular choice for manufacturers of precision parts. Almost every industry requires precision CNC machined parts. The process is so accurate that engineers spend hours designing these parts. As a result, these parts must be manufactured to the highest quality levels. This is why it is important for a company to hire a company that has the right experience and training to perform this work. And the best part is that a CNC machine can do nearly anything a human being can imagine.

Relieves Tasks

In addition to CNC machining, the process can also include other processes. For example, facing is a common step in the production of machined parts. It is a process in which the cutting tool is placed at an angle to the workpiece’s axis of rotation. Another procedure is called parting, which is the removal of an entire segment of a parent part. Grooving is the cutting of grooves at a certain depth. Moreover, grooving encompasses drilling and boring, as well as knurling and polygonal turning.