An internet proxy is a proxy server that sits between your computer and the internet. They can be used to bypass filtering or to change the way you access the internet, depending on their settings. Private proxy servers are not the same as what you might be thinking of.

What’s a Private Proxy?

What's a Private Proxy

A private proxy is a way to access blocked websites. It is also known as an anonymous proxy because the user’s IP address remains hidden behind their private proxy server when accessing another important site via that Internet connection.

How Does Private Proxy Work?

When you are connected to a private proxy, your browser is not sent directly to the destination website’s server. Instead, the traffic is re-directed by a router or VPN server through another Internet connection before continuing on its original path where it gets delivered. This way, websites can’t detect your IP address when you visit their pages.

Why Do I Need a Private Proxy?

Why Do I Need a Private Proxy

Here are a few reasons why you might need to use a private proxy:

1. Speed

Private proxy servers will speed up your browsing experience due to the way they mask IP addresses and data. Consider these examples: When connecting from a public Wi-Fi connection, you’ll probably notice that pages load slowly because computers of other users on the network are sharing resources with yours. With an anonymous server, all the websites you visit will load quickly because your computer won’t stand out among strangers on that same network.

2. Protect User Identity

When you use a private proxy, you’re ISP and anybody monitoring them can’t see the sites you visit. This provides an extra layer of online security for sensitive data or any information that may be tracked by government agencies or hackers.

3. Play Video Games

You can also use a private proxy to play video games via software that runs in the background. This is an area where VPNs cannot provide you with a shield from all snooping by ISPs and governments because your computer will always be seen as belonging to the same ISP connection for purposes of tracking.

4. Access to Blocked Content

Some content might be blocked by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and other websites. With a private proxy, it is possible to access these sites by directly contacting the website. This way you are not accessed from thousands of Internet connections that traverse through the ISP’s network

5. Maintain Multiple Social Media Accounts

One of the easiest ways to maximize your productivity is by maintaining multiple social media accounts simultaneously. Options like Facebook and Twitter have a limit on the number of friends that each official account has, or in some cases, all users can do is post a single message at any one time. With private proxies, you’re able to maintain personal accounts on these important networks without increasing the load on your computer.


As you can see, the benefits of using a private proxy outweigh any potential drawbacks, and it is definitely something that I recommend. There are many different types of proxies to choose from, but if you only have the need for one then it is best that this be a private proxy.