According to the United States Federal Interagency Forum on Aging-Related Statistics, the older population in the U.S. grew from 3 million to 37 million over the past few years. The U.S. government says that more and more of them living 20 years longer than the previous generation. Many of these individuals understand the important of exercise and fitness to losing weight and living longer. These healthy seniors also recognize the importance of caring for your joints, and want a low-impact exercise program that helps them lose weight while also soothing their joints and keeping their body safe.

Thus, water aerobics has grown in popularity among the older population. According to fitness experts, water aerobics is “one of the most effective and safe ways to get yourself into shape”. But you do not have to be a senior citizen to earn the benefits of water aerobics available here!

In this health and fitness article, I’ll show you how to incorporate water aerobic exercises into your lifestyle to increase your cardiovascular fitness and lose weight!

How to Use Water Aerobics to Lose Weight and Soothe Joints

How to Use Water Aerobics to Lose Weight and Soothe Joints

Another kind of exercise is now introduced in a unique form of aerobics – the water aerobics. Water aerobics is a kind of exercise that is performed in water but basically the same techniques as in a dry-land aerobics. Many are now engaged in this water aerobics especially the adults because of the benefits it can give to their joint problems and for cardiovascular improvement. It is said that if you are standing on high-water 10% of your body’s weight is acting on your joints, that is why it is easy for you to move freely and feeling light on your weight. Also, water provides extra resistance which is a good cardiovascular workout.

This water aerobics is basically doing the same steps in dry land aerobics like marching, stretching, bending and swinging of legs. If you want to do it on your own, it is best to do it in a swimming pool because the floor is leveled all throughout. Also you can estimate the right level of water for you while doing the water aerobics. What are the important things to remember when engaging in a water aerobics?

1. In shallow-water, stand in waist to chest-deep water.

2. On deep-water on the other hand, stand in water over your head. Wear floating device to keep your head above the water and your body upright.

3. If your are doing the jogging, cycling, and cross-counter skiing for your water aerobics, do it in a moderately deep water because it will put much pressure on your upper part, suffering your cardiovascular system and your balance.

4. Choose warm water than cold one because they relax more on your muscles and joints.

5. Do not exaggerate too much on your first try. Because they can be hard and tiring that might even cause you stress.

6. Choose the right instructor for you. Look for those tried and tested instructors that are knowledgeable enough about the water aerobics.

Water Aerobics is a new and fun exercise to try on. Besides helping you lose weight, it can also help improves your cardiovascular system as well as your muscles and joints. They say it is the best exercise for people with arthritis. Choosing water aerobics is good but just limit it to maybe once a week because it is not advisable to stay in the water for too long. You don’t have to learn how to swim to join this kind of exercise, just be careful and ask for approval from your doctor first.