Sometimes, you want to try new smoking accessories but you don’t how to use it. These days, you can get rid of addiction of harmful tar cigarettes and opt for safe smoking options with using bongs. There is a number of people who use bongs for consuming dry herbs. Instead of using other smoking options, you can choose to opt for bongs as you won’t feel high easily with it and it won’t be really addictive for you. In the bongs, water is used and that’s why smoke is filtered through it.

how to use a bong

If you are looking for a comfortable smoking experience, then nothing can be better than using glass bongs. You can also get the plastic bongs and metal bongs but the glass bongs would be the best option for you. There is a number of people who decide to purchase bong but they don’t know how to use it at all. Almost every bong has different functions and you need to know how you will use it to smoke herbs. Here are the steps which you can learn how to use a bong effectively without facing any problem ever:

• First of all, you have to add water inside the bong because it is a crucial part of smoking herbs in a bong. The water level of the bong is necessary part otherwise you won’t be able to get remarkable smoking experience. The precs should work properly and you should never get water inside your mouth when you are trying to smoke through the bong. Before putting dry herb, you can pour water inside the bong and try to smoke it. If the percolators are functioning properly and there is no water near your mouth, then the water level is fine.

clogging of a bong

• After putting water in the bong, you have to add the dry herbs which are your favorite. You can put herbs in the bowl piece of your bong and make sure that the bong doesn’t get clogged while you do that. You can use the grinder to make small pieces of the herbs you are going to smoke and this will prevent clogging of a bong. You should never pack the bowl over the limit because there should be some amount of air which can help in burning the herbs properly. If you are smoking the bong for the first time, then you should work with using a little amount of herbs.

After you have poured water and put the herbs in the bong, then you will be ready to smoke it. You can take your lighter and light up the dry herbs bowl. You need to pull up through the mouthpiece to slightly burn the herbs. The bong would fill up with lots of smoke and then you can inhale it easily. When you have learnt how to use a bong, then you also need to make sure that you get the best quality of bong which won’t make you face any issues while smoking. You should get the right size and quality of bong accessory for yourself.