Whether you are a winter sports enthusiast looking to get into snowboarding or an experienced rider, finding the right snowboard can make all the difference. Picking out a board that fits your skill level, budget, and riding style is essential to having a successful skiing experience. With the right information, you can quickly narrow down your choices and find the perfect board for you.

The length of your best snowboarding places snowboard is a crucial aspect to take into consideration. There are numerous kinds of snowboards, all of which come with different lengths. The length of a snowboard is measured from its top to its tail.

Types of Snowboards

Types of Snowboards

First and foremost, it’s important to understand the different types of snowboards out there before making your purchase. Different boards are designed for specific terrain and riding styles, so it’s important to choose one that matches up with how you plan on using it. Here is quick breakdown of some popular types of snowboards:

Freeride Snowboard

These boards are great for all-mountain riders looking for speed and stability in any terrain. They feature stiff flex patterns and directional shapes that deliver unparalleled performance on groomers as well as powder conditions.

All-Mountain Snowboard

All-mountain boards blend elements from freestyle and freeride designs into an all-in-one package suitable for any terrain. These boards are ideal if you’re looking for versatility as they excels in just about any type of condition.

Freestyle Snowboard

Freestyle riders will appreciate these lightweight designs with softer flex patterns that allow them to perform tricks easily in parks or on urban obstacles such as handrails or stair sets. These boards also feature twin tip shapes so that they perform equally well when riding switch (backwards).

Size & Length Matters

Choosing The Right Size & Length For Your Board

Once you have determined which type of board best suits your style, it is time to narrow down your search by considering size and length. Generally speaking, longer boards offer better stability while shorter ones provide more maneuverability so it’s important to pick something that fits your body type properly. Another factor to consider is width; wider board will provide more float in powder whereas narrower ones are easier to turn at high speeds. As far as sizing goes, here is general guideline based on height/weight ranges:

Riders under 5’2″ should look for a board between 150cm – 156cm

Riders between 5’3″-5’7″ should look for a board between 154cm – 159cm

Riders over 5’8″ should look for a board between 158cm 164cm

What edges should I be looking at when choosing my snowboard?

There are four main types of edges sharpened, de-tuned , blunt, and reverse camber each designed with different types of terrain in mind. Sharpened edges are best suited for hard packed slopes while de-tuned edges work best in powder conditions due too their softer angles. Blunt edges help with transitioning smoothly between turns while reverse camber helps eliminate edge catch on icy surfaces.

Can I get away with buying one snowboard that works in all conditions?
It depends; if you want maximum performance then investing in multiple boards tailored towards specific styles will be worth it. However, if you’re just getting started then sticking with an all mountain model would be sufficient.


Picking out the right snowboard doesn’t have to be complicated; by understanding what type of board works best with your skillset, budget, and preferred terrain, along with considering size/length factors, you’ll be able to quickly narrow down your options and find the perfect match.