Sometimes the best of the devices can take a fall. Even the best tire inflator can be broken and may not work. So, what can we do about it? Every time anything breaks or needs a repair, we wait to take some time to reach a professional.

We don’t want to do it ourselves and fix it, which we can. In the article, we will show you simple steps of how you can repair any tire inflator. All you have to have are the necessary tools.

Yes, we do agree that sometimes some repairs will need professional expertise. But we can’t know that until we find ourselves what the problem is. To do that, you ought to know a few things ourselves. If you don’t want the mechanic to charge you for just taking the machine apart and o a little cleaning and charge you a fortune for that, take a good look below.

Repairing a tire inflator

Repairing a tire inflator

As I have said before, even the best tire inflator can face issues. And not all problems require a professional touch. Just follow the given steps, and you’ll be good to go.

Step 1: Taking it apart

First thing’s first. The first step of starting any repair requires you to take the whole machine apart. You don’t need very advanced tools for that. A simple screwdriver that fits all the screws in the machine can do the work.
There’s one little caution to that. You have to be very precise about what screw goes where. Because if you miss even one, it might cause the inflator to fail even more than usual. So, keep all the screws nearby and know what goes where.

Step 2: Finding the problem

Now that the whole device is exposed, you will see a straightforward mechanism because an air pressure motor is not a complicated machine. It has a precise mechanism inside that consists mostly of the things you have come across now and then.

Now you can identify the problem very quickly. The most common issue is something getting stuck in between the point where the pressure generates. That something should be clogging the way from the pressure generator to the gauge. How can you solve that?

Very easy. All it needs is a thorough cleaning using brushes and clean clothes. Do not use water or any liquid on the inside mechanism, or else it will fail. You can use a blower to blow the dirt out if there’s any and clogging.

One more common problem is finding a leak in the mechanism. If the leak is too big, you might need to replace the pipe inside, which is also pretty easy to buy a spare one. All you have to do is take the pipe out and replace it with a new one.

If the leaks are small, all you need is industrial-grade tape. You cover the leak area with tape, and you’re good to go.

Step 3: Putting it back together

Collect all the pieces that you have taken out of the machine. Put them back where they were. Take all the screws and put them one by one in the right place. You’re done.

Final Words

You will find happiness if you see that the device is working correctly after repairing yourself. Follow the simple steps. If you cannot locate the problem, or if you think the encountered problem is not your cup of tea, you should seek professional help only then.

Otherwise, you’re enough to fix even the best tire inflator.