1. Using Fake Address Email

There are many temporary email address services available on the Internet, it is just Google that should be done and many websites provide temporary email services. So if you want to have only temporarily your email address, I recommend you use the temporary email address service.

The temporary email is only often available for 5 minutes until it can be used and you can use that email address for whatever reason you want. So you will not share your ‘actual’ email address. Just tell someone you trust your ‘actual’ email address.

  1. Do not click on any link

If the email contains a link, do not click on it. I did this before, and spam mails continue to arrive, even more than before. By clicking the drop-down icon, your email will be marked as sensitive, because you read it, so you can sell your email address at a higher rate.

Using tools for email filtering
  1. Using tools for email filtering

Software for email Filters can help protect your email from spam. I recommend you buy spam blocker software if you are serious about battling spam.

  1. Differently type your password.

If you need to report your email to a friend on a website, I recommend that you type it differently. Type it as abcd [at] xyz.com instead of writing [email protected]. It will help you tackle spam bots and spam. Even if real people know your email address instantly, it will cause spam bots or spam spiders some difficulty.

  1. Do not buy from spam

The worst thing you can do is buy something from spam. Imagine how perfect the world would be if everyone collected to refuse to buy things offered in an unwanted email. Spammers would be out of business if they realized they did not get anywhere.

  1. Careful about free trial software

There are plenty for any legitimate download to get your personal information, which will inevitably lead to more spam. This is especially popular with free trial software and free software. Search google for more information on this.

Click on the Links to Unsubscribe

Click on the Links to Unsubscribe

It is normal for you to click on the link at the end of the email that promises to take you away from your email list, but do not think it is what happens for a second.

By clicking on the “click here if you want to avoid getting these emails,” spammers simply change the name they send. All you have shown is that you open and read emails.

Spammers use this approach in the same way that they use a gift promotion and registered contest. This is one of the most advantageous ways for spammers to get you on your hook.

No matter how long you used e-mail, it is a dilemma that we have all faced. You will open your box to send an email to a client, family member or corporate client and hundreds of unwanted spam emails will strike you. The problem of spam email is about as long as there is email. Clearly, ample people fall for these fake spam e-mail deals to make them lucrative, but what if you choose to put an end to spam e-mails forever?

Each current Internet service provider has its own plan for eliminating spam from its customers’ e-mail boxes. In reality, none of them function too well. Most employ spam blockers that aim to weed unwanted emails from those to read, but even the most sophisticated spam blockers prefer to deliver emails from your grandma or employer directly to the garbage.

Some seasoned email users simply try to address any spam email and do not request additional mail. This occasionally works, but the response mail recovers more often than not and the unwelcome spam epidemic continues unabated. The solution to this epidemic is to use reverse email searches to connect your true owner to an unwanted spam email.