Generally, to take decisions people used to flip a coin in the air, the coin has both sides one is the head and another side is the tail. When you throw a coin in the air and check which side is shown in the coin when its lands. This can be done only when you are in dilemma to decide about two things. Make a wish for each side of the coin and toss it in the air. After landing check the coin whether it is head or tails and decide according to the coin side. This kind of coin tossing is commonly seen in sports events especially in cricket coin-tossing play the main role to decide which team to play first at the beginning of every match. This coin flipping or coin tossing can be practice took place in many places. From ancient days till now all the people use to toss a coin at any point. This can be done to choose which is best among the better two things.

Aspects of using the application

Aspects of using the application

Coin flipping can help you to choose the right thing by instinct. Before tossing the coin, choose which thing is for the head side and which side is for the tail and you will get some clear cut idea of selecting the things. Likewise, coin flipping can also be done online to make a decision when you do have any coin in your hand. There is a web application which is called flipsimu and it is used for head or tail stimulator. It is like flipping a real coin and show the exact result as what you expert or your friend experts. This application is specially designed to make your work smart because nowadays everything is available online. That’s why this is also become famous and helps to make the right decision. If you feel hard to find the real coin this is the best alternative to flip a coin online. In this flipsimu you will feel like virtual like the real coin and get the proper decision.

How to use the coin flipper

This application also has some extra feature which is used to test your luck and instinct by flipping a coin. If you want to roll a dice it can also available online in the name of dice roller. Know how to use the flip coin application to get a head or tail. It is very easy to flip the coin online and especially in this application. There are two possible methods to flip a coin, one is for random flipping you can click the coin or flip button in the application. And another method is to long-press the button and release the button to stimulate the flip energy. The probability of getting tail or head is fifty-fifty when you tossing the coin whether you toss the coin hardly or softly. Using this flip coin application you can make lots of fun and test your instinct and luck. You can able to sue this application on mobile and the desktop computer then share it with your friend to get full fun.