In the days before computers, software developers were also known as programmers. In order to create a computer program, you had to write code in what’s called a programming language. Nearshore software development has changed a lot since then! Most people who work in this field now use what are called developer tools. These tools allow them to design and document what they want their programs to do without having to know how or what code should be written.

As a developer, these tools will be your best friend because they make it possible for you to focus on what the program should do instead of how it does what it does! However, don’t assume that because these new-fangled tools exist there aren’t still some old-fashioned coding languages around too!

What’s a Developer?

What's a Developer

Software developers are the backbone of the tech world and they design, document, test and implement all sorts of computer programs. It can be a very demanding career, but it’s surrounded by opportunities for growth and creativity.

Software developers create software programs that make up what we know as the “Internet” (i.e., what you’re reading right now). They also develop programs to control what happens with things like digital cameras, dishwashers, dish soap, toilet paper you name it!

Developer Types

There are different types of software developers:

1. Web Developers

2. Mobile Developers

3. Desktop Developers

4. Database Administrators

Developer Job Description

Developer Job Description

The role of a software developer is to design, document, and test and implement computer programs. It can be a very demanding job as it can involve long hours during the day and night. The rewards, however, make it worthwhile because software developers are surrounded by opportunities for growth and creativity. In order to be a successful developer what you need to know is what type of work you want to do as a software developer.

Software Developer Skills

The skills that are needed to become a software developer are what differentiate it from other careers. The software developers need strong analytical and problem-solving skills, as well as computer programming knowledge and experience with object-oriented design principles, which requires an understanding of the logic of what makes good code. They also need to be able to communicate effectively in order to work with teams on what new features should be included.

Applications Software Developer

Applications software developers are responsible for designing, documenting, testing and implementing what is called end-user application. This is the type of programs that you use on your computer or mobile device that helps you do what you want to do

Systems Software Developer

Systems software developers are what make the technology work. Systems software is what processes, stores and manages application programs that allow users to work with the computer. They write code for core system-level components that help hardware function properly.

Systems software includes everything from booting the computer to track what programs you’re running to writing code for core system-level components. Some of these include the operating system, utilities like utilities to resize or read text files, drivers so your printer can work with your computer and what is called a POSIX library.

POSIX stands for “Portable Operating System Interface” and any open-source system that has derived from or been certified as being compliant with the IEEE POSIX specification is what’s considered a POSIX compliant operating system, such as Linux. In more technical terms, it defines C-language API for unified Unix API.


Software development is what you need to know about what happens in software development. It can be a very demanding career, but it’s surrounded by opportunities for growth and creativity. Here’s what you need to know before deciding on what do you do in software development!