Nathan Fillion, who was previously the star of the show ‘Castle,’ has been in the news for different reasons. The star is looking much better and fitter than before. He got a new haircut, and he’s looking much leaner.

The actor has lost a lot of weight for the second season of the show, The Rookie. Many fans were going crazy about how young and charming he looks after he lost a lot of weight. Some people were not appreciative of the way the actor is looking.

Some people said that he looks older than before due to the weight he lost. There has been a lot of speculations about the apparent weight loss from the actor. Some people are supportive while there are people who are concerned about his health too.

Focusing More On Exercise

Focusing More On Exercise

One of the main reasons for weight loss for the actor is because of the exercises. It is said that the actor is focusing more on exercise and taking regular walks from time to time. He takes the walks to keep himself active and burn some calories, which was the main reason behind the weight loss process. The actor is also focusing on running as it helps him to do some cardiovascular workouts.

Changing The Diet Regularly

Some people also reported that the actor had changed his diet completely. He is eating more vegetables and fruits, which keeps him healthy. The actor is avoiding any junk food, which is an unhealthy food option. So, you can also check out the necessary changes he made to his diet, which was one of the main factors behind the weight loss.

Taking Time Between The Sets

Whenever the actor gets time from his scenes at the sets, he is seen to take walks. Many people have reported that they had seen him taking walks between the shoots when he is free. It helps in keeping the actor active during the time and ensure that he can get some exercises when he is free.

Why Don’t Some People Appreciate The Change?

Some people are not appreciative of the actor. When you check how did nathan fillion lose weight, then you will see that he focus on specific types of workout and diet plans. Some people said that the actor is not looking healthy as he seems weaker. The actor indeed looks slightly slimmer than before, but it might not be a thing for concern as he is looking attractive. It can be said that the actor is playing a cop in his new show, so he might be planning to lose weight for that.

Why Don’t Some People Appreciate The Change

If you want to learn how did nathan fillion lose weight, then you can follow the diet plan. If you want to get more details, then you can follow the actor on his social media profiles. He often shares the pictures from the sets and his personal life. It will surely help you to understand the changes he made in his lifestyle. Once you have these details, then you can also follow the actor to lose some weight.