So how do you choose the right health coach certification program? Here are three options: the Sears Wellness Institute, the Primal Health Coach Institute, and Precision Nutrition. Read on to find out how each program can help you become a better health coach. Which one should you consider? Which one offers the best certification? And which one has the most practical experience? If you’re already working in the health industry, you might want to consider a transition program.

Sears Wellness Institute

Sears Wellness Institute

The Dr. Sears Wellness Institute offers various health coaches certification programs. This course requires a minimal investment of $145 to complete. The certification will give you access to online products and educational materials as well as referrals from existing health coaches. If you are interested in becoming a health coach, consider enrolling in this course. It is an effective way to learn how to provide health advice to clients. It also includes a variety of other benefits.

Dr. Sears Wellness Institute is a highly respected health coach certification program. You don’t need a bachelor’s degree to enroll. This program offers training that is accredited by 10 of the most prestigious health and fitness agencies. You’ll learn the foundational principles of nutrition and health, as well as advanced programs for certain life stages. The certification also includes marketing support and assistance for self-employed coaches.

Primal Health Coach Institute

In addition to offering a great curriculum and tools, the Primal Health Coaching Institute offers a program that is aligned with the Paleo/Ancestral Blueprint. The program is great for individuals who want to learn more about ancestral health and fitness. After graduating, health coaches are able to make a name for them by helping others with their ancestral habits and lifestyles. Besides being a great career choice, a health coach’s certification can also help you merge your passion for ancestral health with your profession.

The training program at the Primal Health Coach Institute has been recognized by the American College of Sports Medicine, and has become the world’s first program of this kind. It provides its students with the knowledge and skills necessary to start their own health coaching businesses. The institute combines ancestral health with business building. The curriculum also includes courses in cell biology, metabolism, and physiology. Besides being accredited by the American College of Sports Medicine, the Institute of Coaching was founded by the CEO of Wellcoaches, which was later endorsed by the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching.

Precision Nutrition

There are several reasons to become a Precision Nutrition certified health coach. These courses emphasize nutrition and business development. Although they are not accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC), they are still a well-respected online education program. The Level One certification course teaches you how to coach people and the principles of nutrition. The Level Two Master Class focuses on more advanced techniques such as business development and coaching with actual clients. And if you’re looking for one-on-one mentoring from Precision’s elite coaches, you can opt for the Elite Master Class.


The Precision Nutrition certification course is a comprehensive study guide for future practitioners of nutrition. You’ll learn the principles of nutrition, health coaching, and the science behind it. The course also includes a textbook with 20 chapters and an online portal. The book has a study guide and workbook to help you master the course material. You’ll find it convenient to access documents that are relevant to your area of expertise. Moreover, you’ll have access to a wide range of resources that are designed to help you become a Certified Precision Nutrition Health Coach.